may 25, 2019

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“Accept what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” ~ Unknown


ace winner


I mentioned last week that Danielle won the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Performance. Earlier in the month, one of her students, Johanna Ball, won the libraries’ awesome student award (it’s not really called the awesome award, but since I can’t remember the exact title right now, I’m going with awesome). Danielle and I took her out for lunch on her last day. We had a great time together and a really fun time doing some shots back in the office. Danielle and I have both been really fortunate to have great students like Johanna stay with us until they graduate. That was long enough for her to consider library school as a graduate goal. She’ll keep that consideration in check while she enjoys the summer. We’ll miss her good work but I have no doubt that she’ll do great whatever she decides to do. 





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