may 3, 2018

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“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” ~ Walt Whitman


Edgar Allen Crow, Jr.


I’m so proud of Edgar. He survived the night under the protection of the forsythia bush. I looked out the window first thing this morning and he was already up and hopping. I was utterly delighted. By the time I left for work he had worked his way down the fenceline – walking far better than just twelve hours earlier – and managed to climb up a small mound of sticks. All this under the watchful eye of the rather vocal parents. It was amazing to watch them coach little Edgar along without interfering.




When I got home this evening, I found Edgar on his stick mound. He’s balancing rather impressively, and he’s noticeably larger than he was last night. I believe he’s beginning to recognize his name, too. Each time I say ‘Edgar’, he turns his head to me and raises his brow. I neglected to mention yesterday that, when I got from home from work, St. Francis, patron saint of animals, had disappeared from his gas cap perch. Yet, Edgar, the fledgling crow, appeared in the backyard. Coincidence? There are no coincidences. Thank you, St. Francis. I hope Wally and I are worthy.


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