may 4, 2020

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“Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all the darkness.” ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

off to see the wizard (snapseed)

Yesterday, mom spiked a fever and a nasty cough. Today, at the behest of her doctor, we used the COVID-19 drive thru provided by Kroger’s Little Clinic to get her tested. While we were there they tested me, too. Now, we wait. The whole family has been swabbed. By swabbed I mean we’ve all been impaled by a seemingly innocuous little Q-tip, but lo, there be some mighty sneeze material on the end of that little cotton ball. As if it wasn’t funny enough that we were shoving the swabs up our noses, the nurse began to say, “Further!” She said it no less than four times. We kept shoving. I’m pretty sure I touched my brain. By the third “Further!” mom began to sneeze repeatedly. Let me tell you it’s hard work to shove a stick up your nose and into your brain, begin to sneeze and try not to laugh so the stick shoots out your nose like a dart from a blow gun. This was our scene at the COVID-19 drive-thru. Our consolation prizes were nice camo masks, packs of tissue, and bottles of pure grain alcohol. It’s labeled as hand sanitizer from the Sazerac bourbon distillery in Louisville. I’m keeping all of it in my car. I hope I don’t get pulled over. It really is hand sanitizer. Later in the day someone asked if I was nervous we might test positive. I’m not. I don’t believe mom is positive, and if I am, I’m certainly asymptomatic. Everything is fine and we got a good laugh out of the experience. On a serious note though, bravo to Kroger, our front-line responders, and the KY National Guard. It’s pretty amazing the hard work they’re all doing to help Kentucky flatten the curve. Hero, Shero, and I are doing our parts as best we can.

party favors (snapseed)

  1. MOM

    🤣😂😷🤪. Mercy!!! What a time! We did have a good laugh. After both nostrils were punctured to China and back, we coulda shoulda drank that “hand sanitizer” but we snorted and blowed and sniffed our way to Sonic for a milkshake…..YUM..!

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