november 14, 2018

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“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” ~ Unknown




Remember I said last week was super busy? It was a good busy with five photo shoots in six days. One of those shoots was a fun event the Libraries co-hosted with a number of other departments on campus called “Curiosity Matters.” It was an afternoon of engaging talks, exercises, and demos like virtual reality. The event was held election day, and since Abby Bartlett went with her mom to vote that morning, she came to Curiosity Matters with her mom in the afternoon. Ever since giving VR a test drive, I’m told she’s been asking for it for Christmas. I don’t know how much these gadgets cost, but I think Bryan and Jen are plotting to make it happen. We all got quite the giggle as I stood directly in front of Abby as she appeared to swipe at air. VR was great fun for her and it was entertaining for the rest of us, too. I hope Santa will take that into consideration.

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