november 15, 2018

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“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.” ~ Unknown


what used to be here


University Archivist and friend extraordinaire Ruth Bryan put together a demo table for Curiosity Matters. Most of the stuff was paper-based like photos, maps, letters, that sort of thing, but she also brought along the old bell from Memorial Coliseum. It was the bell they used during the basketball games. For those who aren’t familiar, Memorial was the gym for the UK Wildcats Men’s basketball team before Rupp Arena existed. Lots of famous players have run her court. When the bell was donated, Ruth did an oral history with the donor, M. Ward Crowe, because he had come by the bell in a round about way and he had plenty of stories about watching games where it was used. That’s Ruth: always connecting the dots and doing right by the University.

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