november 29, 2013

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“Be who you want to be, not what others want to see.” ~Unknown

50 first dates
50 first dates

Getting into the car, Annie said, “I’m seeing someone.” I looked across the car top thinking, “Why are you only telling me now?” We’d just driven across town to Wild Fig Books for some Christmas shopping, and she hadn’t mentioned a word. This would, of course, be tremendous news worthy of sharing before all else. “Really?” I replied. “Who is it?” as if I would know him. She grinned and pointed to the back seat. I’d been meaning to ask why she had a stuffed dummy buckled in the backseat since she picked me up. I was about to find out. It’s something about Christmas clowns or never riding alone at Christmas or some other Christmas thing I wasn’t familiar with. Truth was I stopped listening when I started reaching for my camera. Annie Bassoni made it a fun Black Friday buy-local expedition; the only way I’d go shopping today.

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