october 30, 2015

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“You can’t make everyone happy. You are not pizza.” ~ Unknown


above and beyond
above and beyond


The artist’s reception for Sacred Spaces was held this evening at First Presbyterian Church’s gallery. Stacy, Marie, and Crystal took off work early to help me set up. I swear, I don’t know what I would have done without them. Annie Bassoni arrived with pinwheels and the most beautiful dahlia flowers. Jeanne Marie Hibbard’s incredible dips were a hit. Tamara Bayer’s enormous contribution of shrimp was enjoyed by everyone. I was, and am, simply humbled by their kindness. As the evening wore on, and I became more occupied with guests, I would catch a glimpse of Marie or Crystal from time to time. They were either refilling veggie trays and cider carafes, making coffee, or just making sure everyone had everything they needed. After the last guests left, I returned to the kitchen to find they’d already washed the dishes and bagged the leftovers. How do you ever repay that kind of friendship? Without their help I would have made a disaster of the evening, and I’d still be cleaning. Crystal and Marie leave me speechless, and I’m more grateful than words can convey to Stacy, Jeanne Marie, Annie, Marlon Hurst and the 50+ family and friends, new and old, that came to see the work.


the younger version of above and beyond
above and beyond part two


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