september 1, 2015

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“Nature is cruel, but we don’t have to be.” ~ Temple Grandin


would you eat this?
would you eat this? (snapseed)


When Wendy Bright was here last week we had brunch at National Provisions, also called National Boulangerie – it’s French, don’t ask me to pronounce it! I’ve been hearing good things about this European-esque bakery/brewery/grocery/restaurant for a while. I wish I’d gone sooner because it was delicious. After we ate, we perused the grocery portion of the shop. That’s where I ran across the octopus in olive oil sitting next to the sardines. Neither are my thing, but I love that there’s a place in Lexington, Kentucky that offers such delectables. Plus, their dessert case looked delicious. Like Stacy said; “Why would you eat at a chain when there are incredible places like this in Lexington?” I’m going back!


a sweet tart
would you eat this? (snapseed)

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