september 12, 2012

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Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. It’s where all the fruit is.” ~ Shirley MacLaine

looking for heaven (snapseed)

Mamaw would have been 100 today. She almost made it, too. On my way to work this morning I noticed the crucifix on the Catholic Newman Center. It’s exactly like the crucifix that hung in her kitchen. We’re not Catholic. After the tornado, I found other Catholic-esque stuff she had squirreled away, like pictures of Jesus with a milagro heart and the Virgin Mary. Did I mention we’re not Catholic? I find it uplifting to view Jesus in more tangible ways, like love thy neighbor, do good deeds, feed the poor, that sort of thing. But these iconic symbols brought Mamaw great comfort. I’m grateful she had them. The fact is, we humans take comfort in a multitude of ways, both good and bad sometimes. It’s not a one-size-fits-all affair. So, from now on, I think I will write Mamaw a birthday card. That will bring me comfort on her birthdays when I miss hugging her sweet neck and hearing, “Grandmaw loves you to the bone.”

the ghost of birthdays past

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