september 15, 2016

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“There’s never a challenge you can’t get around with optimism, creativity and persistence.”
~ Gregg Treinish


rainbow eggs (snapseed)
rainbow eggs (snapseed)


I’d post a picture of Jill LeMaster from last Saturday’s Pickin’ in the Park, but she was elusive. Truly. I got hand-in-face after hand-in-face shot. I came home without¬†a single decent picture of Jill. So, instead, here are the eggs she gave me. Aren’t they beautiful? She raises a variety of chickens as you evidenced by the eggs. They were almost too pretty to eat. I wish I could tell you the different hens that laid them, but I can’t. I do know that they love their pecking toys I sent them several months ago. Who knew hens would play! I really Jill, and I love that she has found farming. It makes her happy. And look at the beauty she sees every day. Such joy and gratitude.

  1. Jane Collett

    Those are the prettiest assortment of eggs I have ever seen. Too bad you had to eat them. However, you do have a good pic of them. I am sure they were the healthiest eggs too.

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