september 27, 2015

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“I’ve been absolutely terrified every minute of my life and
I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”
~ Georgia O’Keefe


old and new
old and new

I couldn’t help noticing the juxtaposition between the present and the past as I watched Aunt Janet wash breakfast dishes. On the wall hangs a photo of my grandmother washing dishes in the old house. The old kitchen was lit by a bare bulb, creating stark shadows across a room packed to the gills with dishes and knick knacks. Janet’s new house has a lighting fixture and ceiling fan, ample counter space, and little that’s unnecessary. The lighting is far less extreme, but the sentiment of an older woman stooped by Osteoporosis  in a singular, small space is very much the same. I’m lucky to have these women show me how to grow old.

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