september 4, 2019

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“Decide what kind of life you really want… and then say no to everything that isn’t that.” ~ Unknown

a sea of houses


Until I went to Norris Lake I don’t recall ever seeing houses on the water. I’d seen house boats and houses by the water, but not on the water, as in permanently on the water. It took a little getting used to. Of course my first question was, “where does the waste go?” I learned a service sucks it out as if it was a port-o-potty. Not a job I’d aspire to have. One night, the house with the red boat in dock (photo below) hauled their karaoke gear onto the porch and sang for the entire valley until midnight. We thought it was a bar. Turned out it was a house like all the others. Some of the houses, as you can see above, have slides into the water, docks for jet skies, and loads more accoutrements. Houses aside, Norris Lake is a beautiful body of water.


different kind of street fair

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