september 6, 2018

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“After all, what can a first impression tell us about someone we’ve just met for a minute in the lobby of a hotel? For that matter, what can a first impression tell us about anyone? Why, no more than a chord can tell us about Beethoven, or a brushstroke about Botticelli. By their very nature, human beings are so capricious, so complex, so delightfully contradictory, that they deserve not only our consideration, but our reconsideration – and our unwavering determination to withhold our opinion until we have engaged with them in every possible setting at every possible hour.” ~ Amor Towles


McConnell Springs


The woodlands of McConnell Springs was cleared of its underbrush. In black and white it gives the impression of fall though summer is still in full heat and humidity summer. I think it’s simply wonderful that the city takes care of this environmentally beautiful, historically significant plot of land. It’s a tiny slice of exquisite.

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