august 5, 2012

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You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.
~ Michael Phelps

The Kentucky Tribe met for brunch to celebrate Riley Morrow’s three months on this planet. Note the laughter, the crying, the silly, the stunned and possibly terrified look on poor Riley’s face: That picture cracks me up. There is never a bad day with these people whom I have come to love and respect dearly. It sure took a long time to find them.

never too young to learn

july 31, 2012

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Dance, even if you have to warn people to get out of the way first.” ~ Unknown

ah nuts!

Ann Bassoni just ain’t right. Here, we see our heroine once again helping her allergy-ridden friend (me). I had to review the outhouse to find the last time Annie could mow, thanks to the drought. It was June 14, just one day shy of seven weeks. It’s not like Annie’s been waiting around for something to do. She’s been very busy losing weight on some diet (I can never remember the name). I’m extremely proud and inspired by her, for many reasons, not the least of which is her determination and willpower.

june 14, 2012

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When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself.” ~ Paolo Coelho

a friend in need, is a friend indeed

I said, “I should be mowing.” Annie Bassoni immediately volunteered. She knew why I was hesitating. You see, when I mow, nine times out of ten I wake up the next morning with excruciating head pain: an allergy-induced migraine that nothing but time will cure. Any day without one is another day I get to enjoy this planet. Plus, in this case, I got to enjoy more time with Annie. I am so grateful. How do you ever repay that sort of kindness? I’ll find a way – just wait.

may 1, 2012

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Be curious, not judgmental.” ~ Walt Whitman

may day

While tradition demands we dance around a maypole, me and my KY tribe feasted on May Day pie instead. (Annie Bassoni, Eric “Big Daddy” and Heidi Morrow, and Stacy Yelton, not pictured) Heidi’s due date is this Sunday. With the super full moon cresting at 11:30 Saturday night, my money’s on a Cinco de Mayo arrival. We’ve promised to come to the hospital in sombreros should I be right. OLE!

april 11, 2012

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Please send irrefutable proof of your love and abiding presence. Burning bush would be nice. Just not inside the house, okay?” ~ Vicki Caroline Cheatwood

Dorothy's got nothing on Aunt Janet!

Annie Bassoni is one of the coolest people on the planet. Look at her T-shirt!

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