october 11, 2018

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“Never live in the opinions of others.” ~ Jim Rigby


from the inside


Just when you think I’ve shown everything there is to show of tiny Augusta, along comes one more place of interest. In the heart of town stands the oldest original jail in Kentucky. It was built in 1811 beside the Bracken County courthouse, which burned in 1848 and the county seat moved to Brooksville, home of Ironside actor Don Galloway whom I wrote about last year. To see inside the jail,  you have to call the tourism board to arrange a tour, but I snapped a few shots through the window bars just to see what I could, which wasn’t much. It would be interesting to see what’s on the top floor since, clearly, the cells are on the bottom. As an aside, Augusta was founded on a Native American burial ground. For real. Apparently most of the bottomland on which Augusta rests is a cemetery. An estimated 10,000 ancient bodies are buried in the vicinity. Early settlers claimed their gardens grew exceptionally well as a result of the organic material. Recent body discoveries dating back 3,000 years seem to confirm the myth. That has absolutely nothing to do with the jail, but I thought I’d share. Go visit Augusta sometime. It’s surprisingly fun!


from the outside

october 10, 2018

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“Be polite. Be blind to the shortsightedness of others. Walking away is not necessarily weakness; sometimes it’s real strength. Very few confrontations are worthy of a line in the sand. Don’t seek to rule others and don’t live as if you’re being ruled. Live a life that’s honest to yourself. Love isn’t what you feel. It’s what you do.” ~ Steven Roth




The Rental Sisters and I were not alone in Augusta our first day and night. Rental Nieces Cassie and Lisa joined us for a rare young mother’s day away from their toddlers. Along the way we caught wind of George Clooney’s side business. We kept seeing signs for Casamigos Tequila throughout town, and eventually learned that this was George’s side business. (Get your minds out of the gutter!) The local pub featured Casamigos straight up and in a variety of cocktails. After a long day that ended with a nice dinner at Moyer Winery, we retired to our respective rooms. The nieces waited for us old gals to go to bed, as we learned the next morning, and then high-tailed it to the pub to try some of George’s side business. The thing I love about these two is how easily they fit in with the old crowd and still want to go out on their own. I’m so glad they came with us. Time spent with them is never time wasted.


fancy pose

october 4, 2018

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“Be who you want to be. Be who God has created you to be.” ~ Tayvis “Tayvho” Akpan




In all the birthdayness and busy of this week I’ve not had time to even look at what I shot in Augusta last weekend. That is, until this evening. There are some okay shots, but the photo above of Pam Bick photographing the sunset stood out to me. The river is peaceful. Pam is peaceful. The sky, the sunset, beautiful. Beautiful like Pam. She’s a special person to so many. I don’t think her sisters could love her any more than they do. They adore her. And I’m very lucky she adopted me. What an honor.


The Rental Sisters

september 28, 2018

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“If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.” ~ Nan Porter


Main Street USA


The Rental Sisters and I, plus sobrinas Cassie and Lisa, spent the day strolling around tiny Augusta, Kentucky. If you’re not familiar with this Ohio River town, you’re  probably familiar with its most famous citizens, The Clooneys, as in Rosemary, Nick, and George. In fact, unbeknownst to us at first, we ambled into Nina Clooney’s delightful antique shop. Nina is George’s mom. She’s just sweet as can be, loves her little shop dog named Nate, and she was forward promoting her son’s tequila: Casamigos. We did not try it. It was a beautiful day on the river with my peeps.