july 23, 2017

“When your spirits need a lift, think of the virtues and talents of those around you—one’s energy, another’s modesty, the generosity of a third, something else in a fourth. Nothing is so inspiring or uplifting as the sight of these splendid qualities in our friends. Keep them always in mind.” ~ Marcus Aurelius     Wally and I had a house guest yesterday. It was a special treat to entertain

may 3, 2014

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” ~ Nelson Mandela     It was one of the most beautiful Derby days Kentucky has ever had. The temperature was perfect, the sky spectacular, and the people the very best. I had my third Derby party. Thanks to Stacy Yelton, Annie Bassoni, Sandy Davis, Deb Chenault, Crystal Heis, John Lumagui, Greg Davis, Vanessa Oliver, and Riley, Eric, and Heidi Morrow,

april 28, 2012

“Never let your past experiences harm your future. Your past can’t be altered and your future doesn’t deserve the punishment.” ~ Unknown Today I got to play Auntie Ko to The Snake Killer, also known as Bianca, also known as Little Dog. BFF, Crystal Heis, had to catch a plane before the boarding doors opened so, I happily lent a hand. I started my day with Little Dog. It was a great