june 30, 2018

“Exterior beauty, without the depth of a kind soul, is merely decoration.” ~ Unknown     The need for travel remains ever present as I continue trolling through Asheville shots. Fog is a glorious, peaceful phenomenon, isn’t it? Conditions have been right for fog in Kentucky over the last few days. I’ve seen some lovely photos from folks out and about, mostly in the country. I should be one of

june 27, 2018

“The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.” ~ Paulo Coelho     I love today’s quote. If you have a preference in the images, I’d be interested to hear it.   

june 20, 2018

“In every trial let understanding fight for you.” ~ Buddha     Because, on this day as with so many others of late, we all need as much beauty from our blue planet as we can get. Let the Blue Ridge Mountains sooth whatever ails you, body, mind, or soul. 

june 11, 2018

“Our time here is magic! It’s the only space you have to realize whatever it is that is beautiful, whatever is true, whatever is great, whatever is potential, whatever is rare, whatever is unique, in. It’s the only space.” ~ Ben Okri     It rained much of the day. Not a deluge like they’ve had in Western North Carolina recently, but a slow, gray drizzle. However, by late afternoon,

june 10, 2018

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” ~ Gail Devers     I finally had the chance to get away for a day, so I loaded up the car with my cameras and Stacy Yelton and off to Asheville, North Carolina we went. The traffic was horrid, making