may 14, 2019

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“Call me crazy but I like to see other people happy and succeeding. Life is a journey, not a competition.” ~ Unknown


entry (snapseed)


I don’t get out of the office very often – I get off campus even less – but today was a great day to do both. I had the opportunity to visit the Scott County Public Library with whom we have a partnership to produce oral histories. Their assistant director Kathy Vaughn-Lloyd, adult librarian Mike Key, and I all went through graduate school together. I hadn’t seen them since graduation over a decade ago. They, along with librarian extraordinaire Julia Taylor, gave me the five-dollar tour, and what a tour it was. Few public libraries are as well run as SCPL. I can’t say enough great things about the programs they have or the facilities they’ve put together for the community; from a recording studio to the awesome faux barn and trees in the children’s section. They’ve got it all. Plus, because Kathy went through Bill Marshall’s archives course, she had a good foundation to provide a processing area for their local records and ephemera. Bill would be proud. Shoot, I’m proud and I’m not even from Scott County! I didn’t think to do a photo while I was there, but I managed to snap their entrance on my way out. Awesome day with awesome people.

december 5, 2018

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“We forget that waking up each day is the first thing we should be grateful for.” ~ Unknown


big head (camera+)


You’ve heard me talk about the enormous Abraham Lincoln sculpture in the center of the Special Collections lobby. It’s tall. It’s heavy, even though it’s hollow. It dictates virtually everything that happens in the lobby because, well, it’s huge, immobile, and just about as bland as a sculpture can be. Finally, this year, Shell Dunn was given permission to do something creative with ‘ol Abe. She made him a fashionable top hat and scarf. Not only is he now seasonal and fun, he matches the latest exhibit of holiday cards in the lobby, too. There are purists who frown upon such things claiming it defaces the artifact. I might agree if ‘ol Abe was unique. He is not. This sculpture is one of several throughout the US. What does make him unique is how his approachability engages and entertains researchers and visitors. As far as I can tell, that’s a whole lot more useful than a bland bronze head in the middle of the floor. Kudos to management for the spark of fun! 


center head (camera+)