may 18, 2018

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“Please don’t judge people. You don’t know what it took someone to get out of bed, look and feel as presentable as possible, and face the day. You never truly know the daily struggles of others.” ~ Karen Salmansohn


birthday buddies


Today, Kathryn Lybarger and Crystal Heis received their 10 Year Service Awards. It’s not an exaggeration when I say it feels like they started yesterday. In those earliest months I would tell Crystal she “started at a weird time.” Now that she’s been there a while, she tells people she “started at a weird time.” And it’s true. A lot of things were in flux back then, but in a good way. We were growing in amazing ways, and our department had stepped to the national forefront in several areas. It was exciting to be part of that growth and that team, which included both Kathryn and Crystal. A lot has changed in ten years. The department we were in splintered. Crystal is the only one of us who has remained connected to what we were doing then. I transitioned from leading a national program to a job where very few people know what I actually do now, let alone what I did. Kathryn landed a faculty cataloguing position working with really stupendous colleagues. They’re very lucky to have her. It does my heart good to be with these gals and remember all the good we’ve done and all the good we’ve yet to do. Here’s to an even better 10 years to come.

january 28, 2018

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“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” ~ Albert Schweitzer


a cake wedge


The January babies of SCRC (minus Matt Harris since he was transferred to Young Library last year) had dinner to celebrate our birthdays. We were joined by The Lunch Ladies since we never celebrate their birthdays, especially poor Marie whose birthday falls in the 4th of July. We’re never at work on her birthday. So, this year, we decided to celebrate all our birthdays now. We enjoyed a fabulous meal, and afterward, we shared this hunk of chocolate cake. As you can see, it was huge. Even still, the photo doesn’t do it justice. It was nearly half a cake, and with the five of us each taking a generous slice from it, we still had leftovers. I think we may have started a new tradition, and I, for one, am very pleased by it.


January babies

january 11, 2018

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


at work


Crystal loves a challenge. So when I got a text from her expressing frustration with photographing some artwork that couldn’t be moved from their locations, I knew it had to be something tough. I walked over to where she was working, and sure enough, the assignment was tough. But it’s in these moments that I think Crystal shines the brightest. If anybody can make lemonade out of lemons, it’s her. She inspires me everyday.


the look of ugh

december 21, 2017

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“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” ~ Ralph Marston

BFF socks (Snapseed)


Crystal and me, we’ve been through some stuff together this year that caused her to term said stuff the ‘shit show.’ When I pulled these socks from the Christmas bag she gave me, I howled with laughter. She gave me some other hilarious gifts as well, but the socks took the cake. Crystal knows me really, really well. She might just win the month of December over this gift.

december 20, 2017

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Lunch fronds (Snapseed)


Today was the library’s annual holiday luncheon. It’s never a lunch. It’s always a luncheon. I don’t know the difference, but the food at the Boone Faculty Center is fantastic. Every meal I’ve had there in the last two years has been good enough to make you wanna slap your granny. Add in your favorite coworkers and you’ll wanna slap your papaw, too. Happy Feasting one and all.

september 28, 2017

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“To be kind is more important than to be right.
Many times people need not a brilliant mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens.”
~ TinyBuddha




Little did we know that we were warming up for the Mary Chapin Carpenter finale. I wonder how many shots like this I’ve taken of Crystal over the years? More than I remember, that’s for sure. I trust there will be many more to come. 

august 30, 2017

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“Dare, dream, dance, smile, and sing loudly! And have faith that love is an unstoppable force!”
~ Suzanne Brockmann


flying sausage dog (snapseed)


Yesterday was a big day. Not only did I get to see Sara Holroyd, but I got to meet Mayzie, Crystal and Mr. Boyfriend’s baby dachshund. You may recall that Crystal’s beloved Bianca was in the outhouse recently, just a few days before she crossed the rainbow bridge. Crystal wasn’t looking for another dog. Instead, Mayzie found her (much like Bianca had done). She’s only six-months old, give or take, and I think they told me she’s a mini. You can imagine how petit she is, and she is as adorable as can be. Crystal is already telling us grand stories of her adventures. I’m looking forward to more as the days roll on. God is Dog spelled backwards; balm for the soul. 


what’s in a name (snapseed)

july 23, 2017

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“When your spirits need a lift, think of the virtues and talents of those around you—one’s energy, another’s modesty, the generosity of a third, something else in a fourth. Nothing is so inspiring or uplifting as the sight of these splendid qualities in our friends. Keep them always in mind.” ~ Marcus Aurelius


when cats are present


Wally and I had a house guest yesterday. It was a special treat to entertain someone of the canine variety. Bianca AKA Binx AKA Little Dog AKA The Snake Slayer spent the afternoon with us while her mom, Crystal Heis, took Mr. Boyfriend out for his birthday. Friends of Crystal know Binx really well. She’s notorious for the number of snakes she kills. Some years back there was a healthy nest of garter snakes in Crystal’s garden. She kept a tally that year, and the next and the next, until word got around the snake world that Little Dog’s kingdom was not open to them. Binx’s fame grew; her hunting prowess became legendary. Chipmunks weren’t safe, and no cat with half a brain dare tread through her territory.


my legs are too short


Binx hasn’t been well lately, but that didn’t keep her from being keenly interested in Leo and Lily after they made their way downstairs thinking the house was dog-free; lulled into a false sense of security when they heard Wally go out the back door. Binx wasn’t fast enough to give chase, but she was plenty energetic to keep them treed, as it were. There they remained until she finally needed a nap. When she wasn’t occupied with the cats, she was a great helper with the wedding photos. She’s extremely photogenic herself, and might be the world’s most photographed snake slayer. Naturally. Wally and I were honored to have a star in our midst.


cats are tiring

july 16, 2017

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“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”
~ Jack Canfield


from the front


As I mentioned yesterday, I was tasked with photographing the wedding of my Aunt Charlene and, now, Uncle Tony. I wondered how I could do it and still be part of the ceremony, too. You see, all of Charlene’s nieces and nephews who were present (along with their spouses) were to line the aisle (a path cut in the hay field) to the wedding arch (also in the hay field) as she was escorted in by cousin Missy and Uncle Greg. Being one of the oldest put me at the front of line. So, as Charlene began her procession, I stepped into the aisle and did a selfie. I had a unique angle, so why not take advantage of it? Besides, it’s the kind of shot you’d expect from me in this situation, and that’s why Charlene wanted me to do the wedding. I’m not your usual wedding photographer. What’s funny about that is, when I got home and began to look at the photos, I found that Crystal had channeled my style throughout the day. It’s usually the other way around. By 3 a.m. I was giggling like a kid at her over-their-heads-punchbowl shots that sometimes had no one in the shot at all. My day, and the wedding photos, wouldn’t be half what they are if Crystal hadn’t helped me. There’s no way I could have done a 45 minute ceremony alone even if I hadn’t been in the party. There’s not enough money in the world or thanks in the universe to adequately convey how grateful I am for her. I owe her big time. Plus, she’s now an honorary cousin/niece.


only breeze of the day



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