february 5, 2019

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“Buy some art to stare at in case your phone dies.” ~ Unknown


St. Marks inside


Back in December I visited my friend Rick Warfield in Washington, DC before I went to a conference. He took me to his church, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, on A Street just behind the Library of Congress (the large block building below) on Capitol Hill. In all the years I travelled to the Library of Congress I never knew St. Mark’s was just behind it; just right there. Countless times I walked within a block of the church. The irony here is that St. Mark’s was where my near-brother Ricky Hayes worshipped and led their theater troupe. It’s also where his ashes are now interred; in the St. Mark’s columbarium. It was deeply moving to be there, to see where Ricky thrived; where he could be his hilarious, loving self and spread his goodness to everyone around him; where he’d built a life for himself outside our home town. I’m so grateful to St. Mark’s for giving him a resting place, and I’m especially grateful to Rick Warfield for making time to show me how beautiful St. Mark’s is. I look forward to going back.


St. Marks outside

september 27, 2012

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There is no limit to what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets credit.
~ John Wooden

federal triangle (snapseed)

I’ve come to love and appreciate DC. The Metro almost always makes me ill. Or maybe it is the recirculating air in the plane. Whatever the case, this cold has made for a real effort filled day. However, I gave my presentation. It was well received, and I was once again told I’m famous. I’ve never felt more welcome in NDNP as I have this trip, and I will surely miss them. I have a feeling that I’ll see them again.

from above (snapseed)