january 1, 2018

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“As we move from one year into the next, let us heal this hurting world with love and beauty. Let us live in hope instead of fear. Let us do the work we came here to do with peace as our guide. Let us shine for one another. Let us allow the movement of grace. Let us dream into one another’s hearts, remain open to possibility, and remember our true selves.” ~ Lori-Lyn Hurley

Lilly 2018


My faithful companions spent New Year’s Day with me. If we treat their ages as thoroughbreds, turning another year older on January 1 regardless of their actual date of birth, then Lilly is 10 years old today. Leo is an estimated 13 to 15 (it’s really hard to know with him, even for the vet), and Wally an estimated 6. I was scrolling back through the outhouse and found the day I got Wally in December 2014. He’s still as adorable and lovable as I’d hoped he’d be after we got to know one another. I wouldn’t take anything for him. I wouldn’t take anything for any of them. We four are off to a great start for 2018. I hope the same for all of you.


Leo 2018


Wallace 2018

october 18, 2017

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“When you are generous, sometimes people will take advantage. You may be respectful and yet some people will still be unkind. You may be a good person, and some people will nonetheless still treat you terribly… How you treat others is really about who you choose to be in this life… That’s how the world changes — one brave person like you being kind.” ~ Bryant McGill


family (snapseed)


Our Shero is surrounded by her three boys after an action packed day. For the first time since her accident she was able to take our Hero to one of his appointments. It made them both happy, and it makes me happy that she was able to regain her independence. They’ve both still got a lot of appointments over the next six weeks, but things are getting better. I count four blessings on my couch.

july 23, 2017

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“When your spirits need a lift, think of the virtues and talents of those around you—one’s energy, another’s modesty, the generosity of a third, something else in a fourth. Nothing is so inspiring or uplifting as the sight of these splendid qualities in our friends. Keep them always in mind.” ~ Marcus Aurelius


when cats are present


Wally and I had a house guest yesterday. It was a special treat to entertain someone of the canine variety. Bianca AKA Binx AKA Little Dog AKA The Snake Slayer spent the afternoon with us while her mom, Crystal Heis, took Mr. Boyfriend out for his birthday. Friends of Crystal know Binx really well. She’s notorious for the number of snakes she kills. Some years back there was a healthy nest of garter snakes in Crystal’s garden. She kept a tally that year, and the next and the next, until word got around the snake world that Little Dog’s kingdom was not open to them. Binx’s fame grew; her hunting prowess became legendary. Chipmunks weren’t safe, and no cat with half a brain dare tread through her territory.


my legs are too short


Binx hasn’t been well lately, but that didn’t keep her from being keenly interested in Leo and Lily after they made their way downstairs thinking the house was dog-free; lulled into a false sense of security when they heard Wally go out the back door. Binx wasn’t fast enough to give chase, but she was plenty energetic to keep them treed, as it were. There they remained until she finally needed a nap. When she wasn’t occupied with the cats, she was a great helper with the wedding photos. She’s extremely photogenic herself, and might be the world’s most photographed snake slayer. Naturally. Wally and I were honored to have a star in our midst.


cats are tiring

july 14, 2017

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“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Porthos the Mighty


When I first got Wally I took him to a dog park. He did great until two large dogs arrived. Then, he began to cower and he stayed that way until we left. That was over two years ago and I have assumed that he has a fear of large dogs ever since. Eric and Bree’s dog, Porthos, is a Great Pyrenees. When I took Wally with me last Saturday I assumed he would not have a good time because Porthos is just about big enough to saddle and trot a human around the yard at a full gallup. To my complete surprise Wally was actually snippy with the gentle giant. Porthos was, of course, cool as could be, completely unruffled by the little white thing barking at his ankles. Little wonder he’s a cool customer. He’s Bree and Eric’s dog, and I love him as much as I love them. Okay, maybe not quite as much, but I do  love him.

january 20, 2017

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“Change is tough… it also makes you better.” ~ LaTrisha Milton Blunt


faithful companion


When I first met Marcie she told me about her dog, Annie. She talked about her with a familiar love. She talked about her as I talked about my Sadie (1992-2009). I understand that special bond between a woman and her dog because I was lucky enough to have it with Sadie. There’s not a single day I don’t miss her, and not a single day I don’t feel special that she picked me.


Waggity Annie


They were living in rural Anderson County when Marcie told me about Annie. If memory serves, a torrential downpour had spooked the dog and she was missing. She was gone so long she was feared dead. And then, as country dogs do sometimes even after long periods of time, she miraculously reappeared. 


never far


When Marcie sold her house to move to Lexington there was some concern about Annie’s transition, being a country dog and all. Between Ann and Marcie, they helped Annie get her footing. Annie is a precious being. Not particularly fond of the camera, but willing because she came to greet me as soon as I walked in. She said okay to my lens, and that’s a gift from human and animal alike. She is as perfect as Marcie said, and just as kind as Marcie.



november 14, 2016

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The politics of Jesus:
Love enemies
Serve the poor
Welcome refugees
Make peace, not war
Do justice & love mercy
Care for all God’s creation.
~ Nathan Hamm


the fam (snapseed)
the fam (snapseed)


Well, today didn’t go quite as I expected. Dad had been complaining of his belly burning for a while, but he wouldn’t go to the doctor. That is, until this morning when it was so bad he wanted to go. That never happens. I snapped this picture on my way out the door to work. An hour later he was in the ER at the VA. By lunchtime mom was calling to say he’d had a heart attack. The short version is that he has had a mild heart attack at some point in the recent past. He will be okay eventually. I am exceedingly grateful that he was in Lexington when this happened. I’m also thankful that the VA is attached to Chandler Med Center where Janet is. When things get this crazy, little things mean a lot, like location, location, location!

august 1, 2016

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“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives,
we need to stretch our minds.” ~ Wayne Dyer


Lord of his kingdom
Lord of his kingdom


Is Wally not the cutest thing? Am I not the luckiest girl on the planet to have such a loyal guardian of my tiny queendom? Why, yes. Yes, I am. I am the luckiest queen of them all.

july 14, 2016

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“Turn off the ‘news’ and love your neighbor.” ~ Unknown




This sweet little face greets me every day when I come home. There are no words to describe the level happiness this little furry four-legged stinky dog brings me. There’s no love like the love of a dog.

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