february 10, 2017

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“Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf.” ~ Albert Schweitzer


wow! (snapseed)


I came home to a box in my mail. I opened it to find this book, coffee mug, and the sweetest handwritten letter from Ellen Fagala. She read my post last week about my love of Kenya, Out of Africa, and Peter Beard. It seems I’m not alone in those loves. I recognized the book cover. I’d just seen it online last night, and like Peter Beard’s work on the Fleetwood Mac album, at first I didn’t make the connection with Beryl Markham, the subject of the book. But when I held the book in my hands today I realized on a shelf nearby sat ‘West With The Night‘ by Beryl Markham, one of the first female aviators and the third person in the love triangle of Karen Blixen (Isek Dinesen) and Denys Finch Hatton in Out of Africa. Ellen’s timing was eyebrow raising, and the book selection outstanding. Oh, but the best part was the coffee mug. You see, Ellen has been learning the art of ceramics as a way to work herself out of her grief over losing her Danny Boy last year to a heart attack. She made this cup just for me. I’m deeply honored. It’s the perfect Kopana color. The last two weeks have been a little trying for me on almost every level of my existence (growth will do that, so I don’t see it as a bad thing). This gift lifted my spirits at the right time. Even though we’ve always lived far apart, I’ve felt a kinship with Ellen since day one. Thank you, Ellen, for perfect timing, and your gracious, giving soul. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m taking hot tea in my new mug and curling up with a good book.

may 21, 2016

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“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” ~ Unknown


Miss Congeniality
Miss Congeniality


You might be able to accuse Ellen Fagala of a lot of things, but negative isn’t one of them. Despite this somewhat look of disgust, which it really wasn’t, she is one of the most loving, and lovely, people I have ever known. She’s had a pretty crappy year, but buddy, she is pulling herself up by her bootstraps and getting on with life. She has always inspired me, even before crappy set in. I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon/evening with Ellen in Little Rock today where she introduced me to local BBQ favorite, Sim’s. I highly recommend it. Ellen’s company was the best part, though. I’m one lucky woman to have her as a friend.



may 28, 2012

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‎”We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ~ Thornton Wilder

sistas (instagram)

We had not seen Ellen Fagala (left) in 12 years. A junior sista in years, she’s anything but a junior in our hearts; “our” being me and BFF/2-Pony matriarch, Angie Bliss Fanning (right). The three of us shared a very intense few days 15 +/- years ago. There are some things in life that bind people until they die. That was one of those things.

Part of what makes the 2-Pony a strong family is that we have many strong women like Ellen and Angie at the core. Per 2-Pony tradition, a group of us gals bore a certain body part to the West and asked for rain, something especially important this year as Oklahoma is suffering from drought. Below is what happened five hours later. Never doubt the power of women!

It was also my first attempt at capturing lightning. Clearly, practice is needed, but it’s not such a bad start.

the power of women

may 27, 2012

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It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out, it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” ~ Robert W. Service

heaven's sunset (snapseed)

I’ve gotten more compliments on this photo than a month’s worth of photos combined. Looking West through the 2-Pony pasture, this is one of many beautiful sunsets I’ve been privileged to see from the Ranch. This particular sunset made even more special by the fact that so many of us saw it together.

the family that makes faces together, stays together