april 9, 2018

“You can practice thinking, but the answer you get by thinking is not the only answer you should know.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki     It’s April 9 and you see that white stuff? Yea, that’s snow. Granted, it was nearly all gone by the time I went to work, but still it’s April 9. Meanwhile, I had a really productive day. So, if it needs to sprinkle some white stuff

july 21, 2014

“Your kindness causes ripples that are felt all over the world.” ~ Unknown     This is Jerry Hammond’s garage with its front doors flung open. I could spend a week with it and still find hidden gems just waiting to be photographed. It is a photo geek’s dream, well, at least this photo geek’s dream.     Jerry is a welder and puts it to good use. On the left