november 4, 2018

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“Ideally, one would live as if one were going to die the next day. I mean, if you were going to die the next day it would be well worth sitting and watching the sun set, or rise. It might not be worth doing a huge laundry.” ~ May Sarton


all in the family


I don’t know why I love this picture so much, but I sure do. Maybe it’s the generations. Maybe it’s that the women – Robin Jackson and her mother Sonja Herron Keck – are looking one direction as the men – Sonja’s man, Wayne Gourley, and her great-grandson (Robin’s grandson) Ace – look another. Or maybe it’s that they’re eating (Sonja’s an incredible cook), they’re listening to music, and they’re together. This was Ace’s first 2-Pony Fall Ball. He took to it like a champ and never once shied away from my camera. I even got good shots of his elusive Mema, Sonja, and she’s a tough one to nail down. Meanwhile, Robin Jackson deserves a medal, for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was the Fall Ball. She, Marilyn Crain, and Tanya Comingdeer put the party together and took it apart. I love her dearly and I was thrilled to see most of her family on hand to celebrate friendship and music. I’m eternally grateful for all of them.