october 22, 2019

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“Breathe. It was just a bad day, not a bad life.” ~ Unknown This is Angie’s mama’s horse, Jody. Jody, like all horses I’ve met, is wildly curious about cameras. However, she was not at all amused that Ang and … Continued

october 23, 2017

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“Train your mind to see the good in every situation.” ~ Unknown     Every once in a while I take a picture that I really, really like. This is one of them. Maggie’s horse was on some large plate … Continued

february 28, 2017

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“We are all God’s people — black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Jew. … No one is better than anyone else. …Be kind to everyone.” ~ Andigoni “Goldie” Ticco Steffa     This is the sixth Tuesday in a row that … Continued

february 27, 2017

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“We meet everyone for a reason. Either they’re a blessing or a lesson.” ~ Unknown     Saturday I met a few weanlings. Horses are so curious. They particularly love cameras. There’s a large paddock next to Pisgah’s parking lot, … Continued

june 21, 2015

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“Those with a passion for life have saved the world for all of us.” ~ Joan Chittister     Happy Solstice everyone. May this year’s longest day bring you every happiness. As the days begin to get shorter, and the … Continued