february 25, 2018

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“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” ~ Dolly Parton


when it’s pretty


The weather in Kentucky this weekend has been dismal, but Friday morning it was beautiful. I got to start my weekend Friday with Charlotte Webb (I needed that haircut in a big way). She had refreshing yellow roses in her lobby. They were beautiful against the rare blue sky, and they set the stage for a wonderful weekend to come, although the rest of the day was spent trying to get poor Leo to eat. Once the cone of shame was removed he perked up and regained his appetite. His healing has gone very well over the weekend. In fact, he met me in the living room bright and early this morning. It warmed my heart to see him. Taxes also got done thanks to Lorri Dillon who, once more, did not fail to entertain with the giant pencil fit for a first grader used to sign my documents. She’s hilarious and always a pleasure to visit with. My fridge has been dying for two years, and last week, when the noises became ominous, I decided the duct tape approach had run its course. The new fridge will be here Wednesday. In between I got lots of cleaning, organizing, groceries, cooking, and kitteh cuddles finished. And I even got to enjoy a wonderful reading at Rabbit House Books & Notions. I’ve long been an advocate of the three-day weekend and this is precisely why: I can get a month’s worth of work done with one extra day. And look at all the wonderful people I saw. I’m now sufficiently ready to welcome a new week. Let’s make it a great one!

january 12, 2017

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“Make the most of this week. Be thankful. Be helpful. Be hopeful.” ~ Unknown


rainy day drive


If this rain had been snow we’d have a week of snow days. Instead, it was just rain, lots and lots of rain. It was raining cats and dogs, and I’m pretty sure I saw a few pigs and cows fall, too. On Monday we were hardly out of single digits, and today we were in the 60’s. By morning we’ll be down in the 30’s. I love Kentucky. Really, I do. I love cold, hard rains like this from time to time. We need the water, and there’s something so soothing about a winter rain to me. I own the strangeness of that comfort, but it’s true. In other words, I had a great day.

september 14, 2015

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“Your reputation is in the hands of others. That’s what the reputation is. You can’t control that.
The only thing you can control is your character.” ~ Wayne Dyer


blue sky (snapseed)
blue sky (snapseed)


I was at Keeneland Library yesterday for an exhibit reception for photographer Katey Barrett. As I sat at the Versailles Road intersection I saw sitting across from me a very familiar truck. It was Gordon Hogg. I waved and waved, but he never saw me. The people around me probably thought I was insane, and they could be right, but not in this particular case.

november 26, 2012

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Let your imagination inspire you to do great things
not cause you to worry and stress or be afraid.
” ~ Unknown

top this

It’s nearly dark when I leave work. I might be the only person on the planet who likes short days and the early fall of night. I even like the overcast skies. This may be a recessive British gene, or maybe I just dig gloom, but I do dig it. In any case, the atmosphere provides a warm ambiance to an otherwise cold scene. The glow of the interior lighting is a lovely, inviting effect.

january 29, 2012

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Buddha, I want to have your peace…your wisdom, your serenity, your divine nature AND your acorn hat! Love, Squirrel.

self portrait (Snapseed and Color Splash)

I’ve been quite busy this weekend. Among other things to be done was errands. That’s when I realized I hadn’t captured today’s photo. First came the self-portrait – I’m sure customers in Kroger’s parking lot thought I was nuts – and, as is often the case in Lexington, I sat at a red light long enough to take the other. It’s Lexington’s first double crossover diamond intersection. An ingenious idea, though I might be the only person who thinks so…well, me and the engineer who dreamed it up.

My kingdom for three day weekends every week!

postcards from the intersection (Snapseed)