may 25, 2018

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“We do not have to improve ourselves; we just have to let go of what blocks our heart.” ~ Jack Kornfield


the latest couple


While the newlyweds were off being photographed by the professionals, a much shorter and younger couple was being photographed by everyone else. Remember I said Lucy loved everyone? She may have loved her cousin Jackson Bick a little more than the others during the wedding reception, Gigi notwithstanding. It was the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. She wrapped her little arms around him and they seemed to dance a slow waltz without music. “The look on his face is like he’s not sure if this is okay,” giggled Jackson’s proud dad, Brett. 


come with me


Everywhere Lucy went, she had hold of Jackson’s hand and took him along. Not too reluctantly, he followed. And when she stopped to get Gigi for a walk (last night’s opening photo), Jackson grabbed his Gigi, Pam, too. The four of them walking down the hallway was just about as beautiful a thing as I’d ever seen (photo below). Pictures couldn’t do it justice, mine certainly don’t. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful thing to see adults and children engaged in soul-level bonding, and it should not be overlooked that most of my favorite men also have/had important grandmothers in their lives. It’s not a girl thing. It’s a grandma thing. 


cute overload


I gotta say that photographing tiny people is hard when you’re not a tiny person yourself. They’re really tiny and I’m really not. But, boy, what fun!


let’s get our Gigis

may 24, 2018

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“Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.” ~ Joyce Meyer


audience with the Princess


Lucy Barnes-Gilbert loves her grandmother Kelly “Gigi” something fierce. She loves everyone else, too, but she really, really loves Kelly and hardly leaves her side when they’re together. I think this bodes well for Lucy as an adult. Virtually every woman I know had a strong grandmother in her life. Someone who could dispense nothing but love with all the sugar and spice and everything nice a little girl can handle. Someone she loved like Lucy loves Kelly. It’s adorable. There will be more on Lucy in the coming days, but for now, just let the light of this little girl brighten your day and remind us all to not sit on the cactus.


madonna and child


little person

may 23, 2018

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“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” ~ Tony Robbins




Even though there was plenty of daylight during the ceremony, the church was dark at last weekend’s wedding. Jackson Bick, Stacy’s oldest great-nephew, son of Brett and Lisa, grandson of Pam and Joe, was in the row in front of me. He’s always been joyful with the camera, but this time he pretended to be camera shy. But not really. He just wanted to play, and so we made a game of it. He won, of course. I didn’t come away with anything fabulous, but he’s so stinkin’ cute that even my bad photographs didn’t dull his shine. Jackson might be the best behaved, most generous hearted little boy I’ve ever met. He has a smile for everyone he meets. But, then, his parents are brilliant human beings, so it would be hard for them to have anything but a sweet, loving child. He’s going to grow up to do great things. 




Cincinnati Red and daddy

january 21, 2018

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“Love yourself first because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.” ~ TinyBuddha


the look


Annabelle Bick aka Apricot (Apricot Banana Bick is the whole name): she’s going to be the tough one in the Bick Family to photograph. I see that now. I first photographed her last year when she was just a wee baby, and nary a smile did I get. I pretty much met the same fate this year, too. Nevertheless, I persisted. And while I did manage to snag a half grin here, an Elvis lip there, I went with this photo because it’s her usual look, when she’s looking at me anyway. I call it the ‘furrowed brow of questioning.’ 


grandpa Joe


Meanwhile, Annabelle’s older brother, Jackson, is the exact opposite. He isn’t shy at all, and smiles for the camera. And while we don’t see him smiling here, I couldn’t help but love this photo with his grandpa Joe Bick. There’s nothing extraordinary about the composition or lighting. It’s just a portrait of a grandson learning from his grandfather, and that’s the beauty of it. Plus, Jackson looks so much like Joe that I couldn’t help but imagine Joe when he was Jackson’s age learning from his elders.


crawling into the sunset


It’s always a delight to be with the Bick/Barnes/Yelton family around the holidays, and this year was no exception. And now, with all the little ones, I’m forced to the floor for part of the day. I’ll be needing to get in shape if I’m ever to get Apricot to smile at me. 


january 9, 2016

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“In 2016 I just want to go on more adventures. Be around good energy.
Be around good people. Learn new things. Grow.” ~ Unknown




Have you seen a cuter face? This is Jackson Bick aka Cincinnati Red. He’s the oldest grandson of rental-sister Pam Bick. He has been slow to warm-up to my camera, but in his defense, he’s not as used to seeing me as the rest of the family owing to his youth and all. Today, however, he began to ignore me because the Christmas presents were more fascinating, and I began to catch his smile. He may be one of the most sweet natured children I’ve ever met. He’s never fussy, or loud, or demanding. He’s quite patient, too, and curious without being hyper. Brett and Lisa Bick, Pam’s son and DIL, deserve huge gold stars for how awesome Jackson is turning out to be. And when he talks? My God, he’s got a voice that will melt your heart. He’s an absolute treasure, and I’m thankful to know him.



august 9, 2015

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“Our opinions have no permanence; like autumn and winter, they gradually pass away.”
~ Chuang Tzu




Pam and Joe Bick’s first born grandson Jackson did his best at the shower, but he was really just into sleep. Pictured here in the arms of his grandma Kiselewich, he was, of course, the hit of the party. He’ll be two years old soon. That’s hard to believe. I feel like he was just born. I’m grateful for every day of it.

march 24, 2014

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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending
~ Maria Robinson

homecoming surprises
homecoming surprises

It’s a great day when I get a postcard so, I’m not sure what to call today. The first thing I read was a postcard from Brett, Lisa, and Jackson “Cincinnati Red” Bick, “I heard you liked postcards...” That just made my day, and it’s my first postcard from them: double bonus. A perfect handmade hat by my old friend Debra Bays, whom I haven’t seen in a month of Sundays, came springing from a yellow package. I put it on. I may never take it off. Its colors were custom made for me. My smile widened. The white envelope was heaviest. Inside I found two classic, colorful postcards both with outhouse themes, and two negatives, also of outhouses. Dan Kibler knows how to instantly put a smile on my face. Postcards and outhouses? He really outdid himself this time. I know it doesn’t look like I’m speechless, but I am. I’m overcome with gratitude. And my cheeks hurt from smiling!

warm and happy heart
warm and happy heart