november 5, 2016

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“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~ Picasso


rock-n-roll toy soldier (snapseed)
rock-n-roll soldier (snapseed)


I went to the grocery today. They have decked the halls – every single one of them – with Christmas stuff. This year we can select from a variety of nutcrackers. Like golf? You can get a golf themed nutcracker. Into cowboys? Yup, got those, too (he even has a guitar). Soccer? No problem. And who could resist a Kiss rock star nutcracker? You know what I loved about Christmas when I was young (besides gifts, of course)? It only lasted a little while. It wasn’t just about stuff. It was magical; purposeful. I miss those effervescent holidays like I miss short elections.  Still, I like the traditional nutcrackers, and I especially like the black ones. They have great capes.

april 8, 2015

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“Nothing in life, including our circumstances or potential, is fixed.
Reality is bendable to our will.”
~ Brendon Burchard


the many faces (instagram)
the many faces (instagram)


Yesterday, I said it was a day filled with treats, and gave thanks for Marie Dale and Skyla for their sunshine. My second big treat of the day was running into Riley Morrow and his mama, Heidi, at Kroger. He was very busy looking for a fictional cartoon character, the name I no longer remember. He stopped searching to play with me and my phone camera. Riley doesn’t know how to stop smiling, really. He’s just so darn happy, and it’s infectious. How could you not be happy with this sweet face beaming at you from a shopping cart? I’m so grateful to know him.

november 6, 2014

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“There are only two days in the year when nothing can be done.
One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow,
so today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.”
~ Dalai Lama


gone Krogering
gone Krogering


It was a completely rotten evening for Kroger; cold winds and rain, an ailing Stacy Yelton needed things to make her feel better, like bananas. Still, it was beautiful to me. There’s something very comforting about trails of rain in the street light glow. On the other hand, Stacy didn’t much like it pelting her in the face while I followed with a camera. It felt good to me. I admit that I might be odd.

december 9, 2013

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Learn as if you would live forever. Live as if you would die tomorrow.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

yes, we have no bananas (camera+)
yes, we have no bananas (camera+)

Stacy: Here’s your outhouse pic. You can call it, “We’re Out…House.”
Me: Ha! How funny.
Stacy: You better give me credit for that.
Me: Okay. Let’s see your best boo boo face.

…and that’s when shoppers suddenly descended on the empty banana stand. Stacy gets props for doing her best boo boo face in spite of the crowd. Her light is so bright all Kroger shoppers are drawn to her. Yes, we have no bananas, but we have lots of fun. That’s better than bananas.

april 4, 2013

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A noble heart cannot suspect in others the pettiness and malice that it has never felt.
~ Jean Racine

cleanup on aisle 5
cleanup on aisle 5

I stayed in most of the day with a few side effects from yesterday’s adventure, but Stacy managed to get me to the grocery because, well, that’s what we do. We go Krogering. I just happened to have my camera. Clearly, Stacy had no idea the hideous face I was making. The juxtaposition between my sucker-fish face and her angelic don’t-look-at-my-chins smile made me laugh. If it makes you laugh, then my job here is done. If it doesn’t, I’ll try harder.

december 8, 2012

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Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” ~ Erich Fromm

hats (instagram)

Every week BFF Stacy Yelton poses for me with a new hat. In October, Kroger started making cute little hats available for sale. I did a shot of her for fun. It was so cute we did another the next week…then another, and another. Four hats in and people were loving her in the hats. We’re doing hats once a week until we can’t find one to put on her head.

october 29, 2012

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‎”Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings.” ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Froggy went a-courtin’ (instagram)

I’ve been saddled with sinusitis and bronchitis for nearly a week. Finally, prescription in hand, off to Kroger Froggy and I went as the chilled winds of Hurricane Sandy swirled fall leaves into colorful funnels all around us. Meds filled. Picture taken. Any day that makes me laugh, even when it causes uncontrolled coughing, is a grand day in my book. This was a successful day, all things considered.

january 29, 2012

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Buddha, I want to have your peace…your wisdom, your serenity, your divine nature AND your acorn hat! Love, Squirrel.

self portrait (Snapseed and Color Splash)

I’ve been quite busy this weekend. Among other things to be done was errands. That’s when I realized I hadn’t captured today’s photo. First came the self-portrait – I’m sure customers in Kroger’s parking lot thought I was nuts – and, as is often the case in Lexington, I sat at a red light long enough to take the other. It’s Lexington’s first double crossover diamond intersection. An ingenious idea, though I might be the only person who thinks so…well, me and the engineer who dreamed it up.

My kingdom for three day weekends every week!

postcards from the intersection (Snapseed)

january 5, 2012

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smiling lines

Busy, busy, busy day but a very good one! I was just gonna give you Crystal Heis, an old friend who also happens to be a co-worker for now. She’s a great friend, an excellent photographer, my digital tech guru…and my half brain (and I am her’s so, it works out!). It gets a little weird when we finish each other’s sentences but it makes us laugh a lot and confuses the hell out of everyone else. Bonus!

Anyway, I happened by the grocery and found the lighting on the carts interesting. So, there ya go; you get a twofer today.

shopping at night

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