february 15, 2017

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“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney




All the years I’ve walked by Barker Hall only recently did I noticed the KSC sign. I thought maybe it stood for Kentucky State College, but UK was never called that. We were Kentucky University A&M for a time, and just Kentucky University, but to my knowledge we were never Kentucky State College. So, I don’t know what it means (maybe someone reading this will enlighten me). In any case, attached to Barker Hall is Buell Armory where military students gather and practice. I was mighty proud walking by there today because this morning our shero was accepted to the Kentucky Honor Flight in May. All the more exciting is that we’ll be having lunch at the Women’s Memorial; a place she never thought she’d get to see in which she is represented. She deserves this recognition for her service. These honor flights are incredible gifts to veterans, and the very kind gentleman I spoke with on the phone today had me in tears describing the experience, for the vets, their guardians (me), and even for himself. Unfortunately, our hero is too ill to make the trip or we would make this a full family affair. I don’t want to jinx it, so if you’re the praying sort, say a prayer that our shero’s health holds up so she can go. If you’re the burning sage sort, fire it up. If you’re a well wishing, candle burning, blessings abound sort, we’ll take those, too. Here’s to honoring our shero.