may 25, 2018

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“We do not have to improve ourselves; we just have to let go of what blocks our heart.” ~ Jack Kornfield


the latest couple


While the newlyweds were off being photographed by the professionals, a much shorter and younger couple was being photographed by everyone else. Remember I said Lucy loved everyone? She may have loved her cousin Jackson Bick a little more than the others during the wedding reception, Gigi notwithstanding. It was the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. She wrapped her little arms around him and they seemed to dance a slow waltz without music. “The look on his face is like he’s not sure if this is okay,” giggled Jackson’s proud dad, Brett. 


come with me


Everywhere Lucy went, she had hold of Jackson’s hand and took him along. Not too reluctantly, he followed. And when she stopped to get Gigi for a walk (last night’s opening photo), Jackson grabbed his Gigi, Pam, too. The four of them walking down the hallway was just about as beautiful a thing as I’d ever seen (photo below). Pictures couldn’t do it justice, mine certainly don’t. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful thing to see adults and children engaged in soul-level bonding, and it should not be overlooked that most of my favorite men also have/had important grandmothers in their lives. It’s not a girl thing. It’s a grandma thing. 


cute overload


I gotta say that photographing tiny people is hard when you’re not a tiny person yourself. They’re really tiny and I’m really not. But, boy, what fun!


let’s get our Gigis

may 24, 2018

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“Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.” ~ Joyce Meyer


audience with the Princess


Lucy Barnes-Gilbert loves her grandmother Kelly “Gigi” something fierce. She loves everyone else, too, but she really, really loves Kelly and hardly leaves her side when they’re together. I think this bodes well for Lucy as an adult. Virtually every woman I know had a strong grandmother in her life. Someone who could dispense nothing but love with all the sugar and spice and everything nice a little girl can handle. Someone she loved like Lucy loves Kelly. It’s adorable. There will be more on Lucy in the coming days, but for now, just let the light of this little girl brighten your day and remind us all to not sit on the cactus.


madonna and child


little person

march 24, 2018

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“Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I’d like to see you in better living conditions.” ~ Hafiz


gigi safety


This might be my favorite image from the wedding shower. Kelly’s granddaughter, Lucy, followed her every move. I stalked her most of the day with not much success. On the other hand, I got this. I think I won the day.

march 11, 2018

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“This is not your practice life.” ~ Unknown


Woman of the Year


Remember I said Connor and Corinne’s shower wasn’t ordinary? It was coordinated by Martha Barnes, that’s why. I’ve been to two or three (I’ve lost count) showers Martha has spearheaded, and let me tell you, the invitation might say “shower,” but really, they’re super awesome parties with incredible food, fun games, and Martha. She manages to think of everything down to the smallest detail. The food is always spectacular; the games hilarious. She’s attentive to every guest’s need with a smile and warm heart. **Clarification: I got a note from Martha thanking me for this post, but she said she only coordinated the games. The shower was hosted by Connor’s sister, Taylor Barnes-Gilbert. In highlighting Martha I certainly did not mean to diminish Taylor’s role because she’s equally as awesome (and slated for a future post). Hostess or not, I maintain everything I said about Martha because 1. it’s all true and 2. whom better to learn cool shower etiquette from than Martha? And now, I return you to the original post.** If you don’t believe me that Martha is all that, maybe you’ll believe Notre Dame Academy who, just last week, awarded Martha and her twin sister, Amy, the 2018 Women Making a Difference Award for their service to family and community. Martha is tirelessly active in her world, and we are the recipients of her efforts. I’m honored to know Martha, and I’m so proud of her.


four women making a difference