december 9, 2016

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“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore




There came a tiny knock on my door near the end of the day. Crystal peeped around. “Look who’s here!” In walked Miranda Hines, one of my favorite people of all time! She worked with us in the libraries for many years before leaving for another job about five years ago. She just returned to UK, and is stationed nearby. She dropped in to pick-up Crystal’s fabulous silk scarves that she’d bought some time earlier. The last time she was in our neck of the woods, Crystal and I were still seated across from one another. So, when Miranda inquired about my whereabouts, Crystal gladly donned her tour guide smile and down the hallway they came. Talk about being just what the doctor ordered: these two couldn’t have timed their surprise better. I’m just thrilled to have Miranda back on campus. As a bonus, she’s close enough to enjoy lunch with the lunch ladies. I hope we can make it happen in the near future. What a wonderful way to start the weekend.


tour guide who's super tired of being photographed
tour guide who’s super tired of being photographed

february 24, 2012

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The days are long but, the years are short.” ~ Gretchen Rubin

a fun bunch

The best thing about being in my new office is the people. Top, left to right; Kathryn Lybarger, Daniel Naas, Bob Crovo, Jen Bartlett, Kate Seago, Kathryn Lybarger (again), Jen Bartlett (again), Laura Hall, Jeff “Podge” Rion, Peter Hesseldenz, and Miranda Hines (center). With the exception of Kate, I’ve had close, wonderful interactions with each of them over the last 11 years. It was my lucky day. I saw them all!