january 29, 2019

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“Read more books than status updates. Look into more eyes than screens. Hold more hands than devices. Love more than you judge.” ~ Dulce Ruby⠀




I promised a photo of the Birthday Girl and here are two with one of her two beloved (and adorable) nephews, Josh. Annie loves her nephews beyond all telling and I was really glad to finally meet at least one of them (I missed her nephew Jessie by minutes, unfortunately). I believe she had a real good birthday.


auntie smiling

october 1, 2018

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“Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.” ~ Gilda Radner


uncle and nephew


Tonight we celebrated dad’s 80th birthday. Sixteen of us were able to gather at Ramsey’s for a Monday night dinner and he was just as tickled as he could be to see everyone. Before dinner he got a call from his brother Darrell in Flatwoods, and during dinner he got phone calls from his sister Mable in Florida and great-nephew AJ at work. The clincher of the night may well have been Marcie and Steven Terry. Marcie is dad’s baby brother James’ wife and Steven, their son, is the youngest Terry grandchild. He’s also the tallest at 6’3″. Dad has always thought Steven favors his dad, but after James died, I noticed that dad longs to talk with him. He was visibly moved that Steven and Marcie drove from Stanton on a work night to be with him. It meant the world to me and mom, too. This family really pulled together to give dad a wonderful birthday. We didn’t think he’d survive to see 80, and everybody at that table was keenly aware of the gift we’ve been given to celebrate him once more. Never take your people for granted. Celebrate them at every opportunity.


photo by unknown Ramsey’s waitress


photo by unknown Ramsey’s patron (who had more energy than his golfing buddies)

september 11, 2016

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“The only things you can take with you when you leave this world
are things you’ve packed inside your heart.” ~ Unknown


The Lykins Gang
The Lykins Gang


Siblings Robin Dalton and Tucker Lykins: Our families go back well before Tucker and I were born. Robin remembers my dad and some of his brothers coming to their house to play cards with her stepdad, Victor, and others from around Cannel City. Robin shared her tent with me at Pickin’ in the Park, and later in the day, we did this group picture to celebrate birthdays for Victor and one of Tucker’s grandsons (I can’t remember his name). Robin has four brothers. Tucker is the youngest, and Mike is the oldest (not pictured). Kenny, in the orange shirt, is a year older than me and Tucker. He’s holding their brother Billy’s youngest grandchild. Billy was between Kenny and Mike. In 2007, at a very young 43, Billy was taken by Kidney cancer.


Uncle Kenny
Uncle Kenny


I dated Kenny off and on through high school. We started sparking before he had his driver’s license. He would walk up Railroad Fork to my grandparent’s to see me when I was there. That was maybe two miles from his house. He must have really liked me. He turned me on to AC/DC, which is still one of my favorite bands. He was naturally an excellent football player. He always played the tough guy. That was pretty easy for him because he is a big, tough guy, but in truth, he’s a softie. Here’s a gif to prove it (he’ll want to choke me if he ever sees it).


silly Uncle Kenny
silly Uncle Kenny


I’ve always had a spot in my heart for Kenny. He’s a great guy. Always was. Always will be.