may 30, 2018

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“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ~ Rumi


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The church building where Connor and Corinne were married no longer functions as a church. It was converted to an event site for things like weddings where one can hold the ceremony and reception in one location. Before that, it was the St. John’s Unitarian Universalist Church. Though it did not align with this denomination until 1924, the original church was formed in Over-The-Rhine as a German speaking mixed congregation (Catholic and Lutheran) for greater Cincinnati as early as 1814. By 1867, after many arguments and a few splits, they finally managed to erect this building. The University of Cincinnati Rare Books and Archives Library provides excellent history on Sacred Spaces around the Cincinnati area that includes St. John’s. I love sacred spaces so much. They’re steeped in all manner of mythology, personal designs, and divine inspiration. What’s not to love?


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december 1, 2012

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I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful
and too determined to be defeated.
” ~ Unknown

operation birthday surprise complete

The final surprise for BFF Stacy Yelton’s birthday was her BFF Andrea Sayer Brook. She met us at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati for the annual Over The Rhine Christmas concert. Then, when I snapped the shot below, I realized the bass player was someone I’d worked with 25 years ago in Nashville, Byron House. Back then, he was a struggling session player. Now, he plays with everybody from Emmylou Harris to OTR. It was a great night of music, family, and friends. Good thing Stacy only turns 50 once. Exhausted, in a good way.

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