april 9, 2018

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“You can practice thinking, but the answer you get by thinking is not the only answer you should know.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki


seriously? (snapseed)


It’s April 9 and you see that white stuff? Yea, that’s snow. Granted, it was nearly all gone by the time I went to work, but still it’s April 9. Meanwhile, I had a really productive day. So, if it needs to sprinkle some white stuff on the Earth to have such a great day, so be it. Let ‘er snow.

october 17, 2017

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“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” ~ Bob Marley


on the road again (snapseed)


Lo and behold, our Shero has been released to drive once more. Her PT recovery has been remarkable by any measure, let alone her age and what happened. We went to the large parking lot across the way to make sure she was comfy behind the wheel of her new Rav4. She was more than comfy. She was elated and gracious and thankful and happy. And those things are worth everything. Go Shero go!


backup camera is her thing (snapseed)

october 2, 2017

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“Divine love is not something you can talk about, but it is something that you can demonstrate as you live.” ~ Harold Klemp


new pony (snapseed)


Our hero and shero got a new ride today, this cute Rav4. Finally, after two months, the family owns something everybody can get into, and out of. If you’ve ever had to rely on someone else for transportation, then you know what a big deal it is to have your own wheels. Our s/hero are pretty happy. Dad’s brother Phillip, and SIL Linda, recently bought a Rav4 as well. Guess what? It’s the same color. We’ll never be able to tell them apart. Just another fun fact in the family. We owe huge thanks to cousins Lanelle Fischer and Renee and Aaron Watkins for keeping our s/hero’s car and truck in the family. They made today possible, and I’m eternally grateful to them. I’m beyond blessed with a wonderful family.