june 21, 2019

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“Whatever you hear about me please believe it. I no longer have time to explain myself. You can also add some if you want.” ~ Unknown


instant connections (snapseed)


Shero had her first follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon today. Though she is far from healed, she is improving really well. Afterward, as we were waiting for her ride to arrive in the nearly perfect Friday morning weather, who should pull up in her own shuttle but recently retired colleague and friend Jo Staggs-Neal. As soon as I said I was waiting with my mom, Jo said, “Oh, your mom! I’ve seen her online [in the outhouse] a lot.” I introduced them and, well, they were instant friends. Jo held mom’s hand the entire time they talked, and that was a while because mom talked and talked and talked to Jo. I was touched by how sweet they were together. That Jo is a light in this world. I thought that the second I met her and I saw it on full display today. She made my day. I’m pretty sure she made mom’s, too.


friends (snapseed)

june 10, 2019

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“You are the average of five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn




Dad thought it was funny that I caught all three of us in the photo. We were waiting with mom for her endoscopy. “But wait,” you say, “I thought she broke her pelvis?” Why, yes, she did, but I believe I mentioned complications. I’m happy to report that the scope returned good results and now we’re on to solving the next complication. Meanwhile, surgery still hasn’t been ruled out and I think dad is enjoying staying with his sister Lois Nell. She’s got him playing cards and board games, and tomorrow, she’s going to put him to work spreading mulch. He’s looking forward to it, too. Mom was stable enough for me to finally leave, so I get to sleep at home tonight. I will not miss the recliner-that-makes-a-bed. I’m here to tell ya, no, it does not. A bed makes a bed and I’m headed for one right now.

june 8, 2019

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“[Say] ‘What can I do today, not what I can’t.'” ~ Nancy Vickers


Shero’s Hero


Thanks to each and every one who have sent well wishes for Shero by whatever means you sent them. Today’s update: Surgery still hasn’t been ruled out for a few reasons and we continue to be in limbo. Meanwhile, Shero continues to do her part to be an exceptional patient, doing everything she’s asked in order to get better, and being in generally good humor (the pain killers help with that). What’s clear is that, with out without surgery, the recovery time for a broken pelvis is quite long and requires extensive PT. What’s also clear is that Hero and Shero are as connected as any two people I’ve ever known. They’re inspiring for so many reasons, not the least of which is what true love can endure. They’re so sweet together. 

june 7, 2019

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“Instead of imagining everything that could go wrong, imagine what an amazing adventure it could be.” ~ Lori Deschene




Shero is back at UK Chandler Medical Center in Lexington. Late yesterday -with dinner ready and on the table- she let the dogs out, got dizzy, lunged head-first onto the porch, grabbed the pillar for a twist and shout pole dance before landing on the edge of the concrete. The result? A broken pelvis on the same side as the broken leg with ensuing mega-hip nearly two years ago. Being Shero, she’s an exemplary patient. Everyone loves her and treats her great. The doctors, nurses, orderlies, even the folks in housekeeping at UK are beyond fantastic. She’s been at UK Chandler so much in the last two years they ought to name a wing after her. When they came to take her for an echocardiogram, the space where her bed should be looked barren. I prefer the space with her in it. Better still, I prefer her healthy and laughing and out in the world enjoying her golden years. Don’t we all want that for our loved ones? We do. The doctors haven’t yet decided if surgery is necessary or if three months of PT will do the trick. Maybe tomorrow we’ll know, and the healing can begin again. 


not empty

may 12, 2019

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“Courage is knowing it might hurt, and doing it anyway. Stupidity is the same. That’s why life is hard.” ~ Jeremy Goldberg


Number 1


This is one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of my mother. It’s hard to catch her being natural, but catch her I did when we stopped yesterday to photograph the covered bridge. She was enamored with the gorgeous purple wildflowers growing near the road. By the time I got to her, she was trying to pull a bunch up by the roots to replant them at home. She thought better of it when they didn’t pull up with ease. They quickly turn to be a lot more trouble than they were worth. (If anyone knows what they are, tell me!) Even without the flowers we had a great Mother’s Day weekend.


Birthday Girl


The whole day was such a great time. We all slept late, then took to the roads for nearly eight hours. We ended our day by celebrating all-in-one Janet’s birthday (Monday the 13th) and Mother’s Day (today). She loves anything with peanut butter, so we snagged an incredible peanut butter pie from the Amish Store in Flemingsburg. The four of us ate the entire pie! It was a 9″ pie mind you. Despite how Janet looks in the pictures, she really did have a great time. She’s gotten so she doesn’t like the camera. Really, she never did, though she has humored me a great deal over the decades. One advantage to aging is that you no longer feel compelled to humor anyone, not even your niece. Meanwhile, Dad has taken to photo-bombing as he’s aged (see below). We ended our night by attending church service with Janet. Local preachers take turn about holding service every night for the residents, and we finished our pie just in time to join in. It was a… spirited service. We left feeling thankful to enjoy one another’s company for another Mother’s Day/Birthday celebration, and it’s always a blessing to spend time with Janet. 


and Mother’s Day

february 12, 2019

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“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” ~ Saint Basil


from the nosebleed seats
first timer and old timer


We had a big time tonight. UK offered seats at an okay rate to its employees, so I got three. They were nose bleed seats; so high in Rupp Arena that Mom and I both had a hard time with vertigo. Nevertheless, we had a blast. It was mom’s first UK Wildcat game at Rupp. Dad used to go when he was a younger man. Tonight, instead, he periodically reminded us that you can see the game better on TV. This he repeated in between his chanting “Go Big Blue” and “BOO,” which was said a lot during this game. Mom said going in that they’d lose because she was going. She was right. An LSU buzzer shot, despite goal tending, lost us the game. Still, we had a great time, crappy seats and all.

february 3, 2019

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“What we have to be is what we are.” ~ Thomas Merton




Yesterday was Groundhog Day. It was also Hero and Shero’s 56th wedding anniversary. Today, we met for a delicious brunch. Dad liked telling the waitress that this was their one year anniversary. We all laughed, because it was such an obvious lie, as if the twinkle in his eye didn’t give it away on its own. We saw a lot of people we knew so we had great visits with all of them and with each other. The weather was stunningly perfect, too. Don’t they look good? They’ve had a bad couple of years of late, but they’ve both been feeling pretty good recently. Winter months can be hard for the older generations, especially if they’re prone to illness, but these two have weathered the cold exceptionally well. I, for one, am exceedingly grateful to celebrate them once more. They give me hope that one day my hair will be a beautiful white, too. 

january 23, 2019

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“Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.” ~ A.A. Milne


birthday nails


Marie Dale’s birthday is July 4. We’re never at work for her birthday, so I’m lucky if I even remember to wish her happy birthday let alone do something for her. I’m absolutely terrible remembering important dates like that. So, tonight, I fixed that when she took mom with her to get her nails done. And after the ladies had themselves a little spa time, they joined me and dad for a birthday dinner because tomorrow is mom’s 77th birthday. Bless ’em both for dealing with my forgetful self. Happy birthday to two of my favorite people!

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