april 18, 2018

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“For the ways that I have harmed another in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly,
through ignorance and confusion,
I ask for forgiveness.

For anyone who has harmed me in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly,–
through ignorance or confusion
I offer my forgiveness.

For all the ways that I have harmed myself,
either knowingly or unknowingly 
through ignorance and confusion,
I heal these wounds with forgiveness.”
~ Traditional Buddhist Prayer




What a beautiful day we had today (redbud photographed during Monday’s snow). Once again, I saw many people full of goodness, and I relished their presence. I’m feeling good these days. If I was a gambler I might buy a lottery ticket. I’m not, so I’ll just remain grateful for the good days.

april 17, 2018

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“Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.” ~ Unknown


web of snow


The snow stopped, the wind slowed, the sun came out, and the temperature rose. It was a beautiful day inside as well. Everyone I encountered was in a sunny disposition, and the universe in general seemed to be throwing nothing but good fortune on many who crossed my path, including me. Any day you’re surrounded by the best of people is a good day. 

april 16, 2018

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“When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.” ~ Unknown




Yea, so, according to the calendar it’s April 16th. According to Mother Nature it’s January 16th. The whipping north wind was cold enough to slice your face wide open, and the snow vacillated between big and fluffy to something called graupel that looked for all the world like tiny styrofoam packing balls. It was over eighty degrees on Friday, and today it was just bone cold and mean. Nevertheless, I had a fabulous day, and a good portion of it was outside walking across campus. I do feel bad for the poor little apple blossoms though. They’re quite sad and cold tonight.


April snow 

april 9, 2018

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“You can practice thinking, but the answer you get by thinking is not the only answer you should know.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki


seriously? (snapseed)


It’s April 9 and you see that white stuff? Yea, that’s snow. Granted, it was nearly all gone by the time I went to work, but still it’s April 9. Meanwhile, I had a really productive day. So, if it needs to sprinkle some white stuff on the Earth to have such a great day, so be it. Let ‘er snow.

april 7, 2018

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“The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.” ~ Unknown


pfffftt (snapseed)


This was our rare April “snowstorm” the weather(wo)men were so hyped about. Just as well it didn’t materialize since it was the weekend. Us working folk wouldn’t have benefitted anyway what with already being off. I took advantage of the bad weather and watched a really great documentary called George Harrison: Living in a Material World. Ya’ll know I adore Paul, but George is my spirit Beatle. He visits me in dreams to impart important spiritual advice. The film has incredible footage and photos that I’d never seen before, and they made it totally worth the three and half hour commitment. The weather can be as crappy as it wants if I can hang with George. I call that a win.

march 22, 2018

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“It’s not your job to be anything to anyone.” ~ Unknown




Last week I was headed outside to photograph the beautiful snow when I was stopped by a co-worker in need. I delayed my outdoor stroll to heed the call, in the Special Collections Reading Room no less. The sky was so beautiful through the windows that I didn’t let the indoors stop me from snapping away. We actually have a chance for more snow this weekend. I’m charging the camera batteries just in case the weather(wo)men are right. 


from outside

march 16, 2018

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“Love yourself.” ~ Unknown


from the drive


I’ve shown you snow shots from the President’s yard. I’ve even shown you summer, spring and fall shots from the President’s yard, but I don’t think I’ve actually shown the President’s house. Here it is in all its snowy glory.


from the front


It’s called Maxwell Place (good luck not calling it Maxwell House), and I believe it was built by (or for) a former president’s son. Preservationists saved it from the wrecking ball many years ago when the University was on a search and destroy mission that claimed the Carnegie Library in 1967 (that’s right; we had a library built in 1909 by Andrew Carnegie funds, and then torn down for the Patterson Office Tower and Whitehall Classroom Building). All University President’s are given the keys to the house for their private use. Some have not lived there, opting instead to use it for parties while living off campus, but some Presidents, like Eli Capiluto, do live in the home. I prefer the latter, frankly. A home this beautiful should be lived in.


from the other side

march 14, 2018

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“It’s fully in your hands whether you stay stuck or move forward.” ~ Dr Anastasia Chopelas


cold seat


I said there’d be more snow pictures, and here they are. Well, some of them, anyway. I took a walk around the President’s yard. I wish photos gave an accurate idea of just how big this tree is. It’s circumference is impressive. I’m no arborist, but I think it’s safe to say the tree is easily 150-175 years old, maybe more. Kudos to UK for not cutting it down. 


open world


As I was making my way around the circular drive, a woman appeared from this walkway. When she saw me (read: when she saw the camera), she began to talk about how beautiful the snow was, and how I really, really, really needed to see the view from the walkway. I’m glad she stopped me because the view was totally worth the diversion. From there I made my way back to the library but not before I passed the view outside my own office (below). I get to look at this Ginkgo dancing with Redbuds every day. I can think of worse jobs. In fact, I’ve had worse jobs with far worse views. 


office tree



march 12, 2018

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“Five things to quit right now:
1. Trying to please everyone
2. Fearing change
3. Living in the past
4. Putting yourself down
5. Overthinking”
~ Unknown


pink sodium light


I put aside what I’d planned to post today because we were gifted with a gorgeous snow overnight. Mother Nature took pity on us Kentuckians, after the springing forward idiocy, and dropped nine inches of the white stuff on Lexington, which got UK employees like me a two-hour delay this morning. As that extra time rolled by, the sun rose, the skies cleared, and the world became insanely beautiful. It was a thick, wet, heavy snow. It wasn’t good for trees and power lines (lots of people lost power and trees today), but it made for a stunning sight. It melted quickly, but my goodness, was this place spectacular for a few hours. Friends on facebook posted beautiful pictures all day. They warmed my heart because, clearly, so many of us were enjoying the beauty. I’ll probably post more snow pix as the days roll on, but for now, let’s start with these. I’m really grateful none of my trees or power lines suffered serious ill-effects, and I’m especially grateful to be part of such a beautiful day.


to the east

february 1, 2018

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“So much of our happiness depends on how we choose to look at the world.” ~ Unknown


Snow shower (Snapseed)


There came a cold front through town tonight. It dropped the biggest snowflakes I recall seeing. A fellow mindfulness classmate remarked she, too, had never seen flakes so big. It was magical. In the end, there was barely accumulation. Just enough to whet my appetite for a big storm. But the big storms don’t drop flakes as big as your palm like this little snow shower. It’s just beautiful.

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