may 24, 2018

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“Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.” ~ Joyce Meyer


audience with the Princess


Lucy Barnes-Gilbert loves her grandmother Kelly “Gigi” something fierce. She loves everyone else, too, but she really, really loves Kelly and hardly leaves her side when they’re together. I think this bodes well for Lucy as an adult. Virtually every woman I know had a strong grandmother in her life. Someone who could dispense nothing but love with all the sugar and spice and everything nice a little girl can handle. Someone she loved like Lucy loves Kelly. It’s adorable. There will be more on Lucy in the coming days, but for now, just let the light of this little girl brighten your day and remind us all to not sit on the cactus.


madonna and child


little person

may 19, 2018

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“So many people are searching for the meaning of life instead of giving their lives meaning. Find something more important than yourself to dedicate your life to, and do that (something, not someone), and watch your world shift.” ~ Timber Hawkeye


real sisters (snapseed)


It’s been a wedding day unlike any other. I awoke at 6:15am and watched live the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It was a really, really, really remarkable wedding for so many reasons. Honestly, American Bishop Curry stole the show. He gave a brilliant sermon/speech that, had it been in an American church, the chapel would have echoed with amens start to finish. It was a great way to start the day as Stacy and I travelled to Cincinnati to attend Connor Barnes’ wedding later in the day. As you may recall, Connor is the son of rental sister and BIL Kelly and Craig Barnes. He’s also the youngest of the Yelton grandchildren and the last to marry. It was a fabulous wedding full of love and laughter and Connor showing off his mad rapping skills. I was honored to be among them. I love having rental sisters.


real sisterly love (snapseed)

april 21, 2018

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“[There’s] no guarantee you get someday. While you’re busy making that [bucket] list, you may not see the train that’s coming straight for you, and then you’ve done nothing but make a list. Go live. It’s more important.” ~ Larry Scott Evans


Fun Girls + Bartletts = fun!


I love this picture. Stacy and I met The Bartletts at Shamrock for brunch this morning. Their little ginger girl Abby is smart, funny, kind, conscientious, and a testament to the goodness of her generation. She gives me hope for the future. Bryan and Jen have done an incredible job raising her and I can’t wait to see what brilliance her future holds. Meanwhile, it’s clear to me that meeting for lunch every once in a while with the Bartletts just won’t do. We need to meet, and meet often, because I always come away feeling better about everything. I’m lucky to have them as friends. I must be living right. 

february 12, 2018

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“I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. To stand for something, and to have made some difference that you lived at all.” ~ Leo Rosten


at the vet


I’m running about six weeks behind on everything including taking the pets for their annual vaccines. It was not a good day for them, and it would have been awful(er) for me if Stacy hadn’t gone along to help. Let me just say that taking all three pets at once was not one of my better ideas (note to self: don’t do it again). I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned that Lilly (the black cat) has trouble riding in a car: Anxiety like you wouldn’t believe and I’ll just leave it at that. On Friday, I stopped in at Aunt Millie’s for some Kitty-Kalm-Down drugs. Next time, I’m going to double the dose because the prescribed amount did little more than lessen the yowling from the back seat. Poor thing is just a wreck on vet day. Meanwhile, Wally, who has exhibited zero distress other than gaining weight because dad doesn’t understand that table food is really bad for him (that’s a whole other issue that was addressed today), has an abscessed tooth. He came home with antibiotics until the tooth can be removed because that bit of unfortunate news was hardly the worst part of the visit. Oh yes, it got worse. Poor Leo, the kitty in the carrier on the floor; my beautiful, affectionate, sweet-as-can-be orange tabby boy, has a tumor in his eyeball. Over the last few months I’ve noticed his pupil was a different size from the other eye, and the iris was changing color. What I couldn’t see, until Aunt Millie showed me today, was that the color was actually a three-dimensional tumor rising from his iris. If it wasn’t so awful it would have been totally fascinating. (You can thank me for not taking a picture of it.) So, on February 22, my beautiful green-eyed boy will lose his eye. This will be the second orange tabby I’ve had that has had only one eye – one-eyed Jack being the first. As I learned today, this is not uncommon among orange tabbies. In fact, they’re quite prone to cancer, and eye cancer is not at all rare for them. Who knew! After we get him patched up, we’ll get Wally’s tooth pulled unless the antibiotics don’t help, then we might have to address it sooner. Lord help me if I have to take them both in for surgery on the same day. All things considered, Lilly wasn’t that bad. This is the price one pays for unconditional love. I’m glad I’m able to provide for them, because it’s the least I can do for all the love they give me.

february 3, 2018

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“Every encounter we have with another human being
offers the opportunity for profound connection and transformation.” ~ Unknown




Today, was a rare treat of late. I got to have lunch with Jeanne Marie Hibberd. She, Annie Bassoni, Stacy Yelton, and I met at Willie’s Locally Known. I had not been to Willie’s new location even though it’s within walking distance of my house. The decor is fabulous, and despite the large, open seating, we could hear one another: Bonus! But more importantly, I got to spend time with JM whom I rarely get to see these days. Is she not one of the most beautiful people you’ve ever seen? She’s got the spirit to match her looks, too, and that’s what I adore most about her. She’s thoughtful, smart, conscientious. She works at being a better person. She tries hard to be good to everyone, and she tries hard to be good to, and for, the world. She’s a positive contribution to our society and I’m proud of her for that and so much more. Our visit was way too short, but any time I get to spend with these gals is time well spent indeed. I’m grateful for every moment with them.


half the tribe (JM’s best face ever)

january 22, 2018

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“What’s past is past, nothing can change that. But the future can be different if we choose to make it so. We have to cultivate a vision of a happier, more peaceful future and make the effort now to bring it about.” ~ Dalai Lama


triple threat


I’m not even sure what to say about these three. They’re always a joy to be with of course. Every once in a while, they get these little silly notions, and the next thing you know, the camera comes out and shenanigans are caught. I’ll tell you the truth, the Yelton sisters have enriched my life beyond measure. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m sure glad I did.

january 6, 2018

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“Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward.” ~ Unknown

a real theater (snapseed)


It’s my birthday weekend. The first order of business was The Last Jedi matinee with Stacy Yelton at the Kentucky Theater. Nothing will ever touch the original movie, but this was good, especially because of Carrie Fischer. Yes, it was her last film, but it’s good because she and Mark Hammill make for a good story. I couldn’t help but feel grateful when she appeared on screen. What a tumultuous life she lead, but when she had clarity, she had the wit of 1,000 people and more cajones than most men. What’s not to love about that? I always liked her, and I’m really glad she shared her talents with the world. We followed that with an early dinner at Honeywood at The Summit. I had not been to either before today. The Summit is an interesting concept for a shopping center, probably more suited to warm weather, honestly, and Honeywood had some very interesting foods. To top it off, I received a vinyl copy of Ryan Adams’ Prisoner. It doesn’t get much better than Ryan Adams in my book. Thank you, Stacy, for an awesome first day of birthday weekend!

december 27, 2017

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“I have noticed that people are dealing too much with the negative, with what is wrong… Why not try the other way, to look into the patient and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

ppppffftttttttt (snapseed)


Sure enough, it’s magical, majestic, and merry…and it actually tastes like peppermint. Stacy Yelton finds the funniest stocking stuffers and this one might be her best yet. Get your own at They have a wide variety for all occasions. It gets a <snort>! 

december 10, 2017

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“Grace makes beauty out of ugly things.” ~ U2




It’s well known that the bond between women and horses defy words however elegant and precise they may be. The fact is this: once a woman has cared for horses she is forever changed and drawn to them. Even the smell of their waste can bring on nostalgic butterflies. Stacy had horses when she was a young girl. Still she pines for them. When we were at Shakertown after Thanksgiving we came across these beauties. Beyond that, the photo speaks for itself. Some loves never leave us.

december 3, 2017

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“Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad.
It’s everything in between that makes life worth living ”
~ Bob Marley


Miss Smell


Michelle Shute, whom you met back in 2012 and again in 2013, came to town a few days ago. Her friendship has enriched my life repeatedly. Over the past 25 +/- years she has turned me on to more great music and books than anyone I know save for Stacy. Little wonder they’re great friends, then. I happen to be the lucky recipient of their good tastes.


silly gulls


Michelle has been without a car for four years. That changed this week when Stacy gave Michelle her old car, Goose (pictured here). Stacy keeps things for decades, and they always look and work like new because she’s extreme in her care. Looking at Goose you’d never guess she’s nearly 17 years old. It was as if Stacy was handing Michelle a brand new car. When I first met Michelle she drove a red car, so it’s fitting she is once more in the saddle of a red ride. Stacy, meanwhile, wins the good samaritan award of the year, and rightfully so. She changed Michelle’s life, providing her freedom that many of us take for granted. Imagine how hard it would be to live your life if you were dependent on others to get around. That’s been Michelle’s life of late.




I have two great people in my life who love and adore one another and that makes me rich beyond measure. 

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