november 11, 2017

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“When in doubt, breathe out.” ~ Danny Penman


like riding a bike


Stacy took part in the exquisite Leonard Cohen Tribute this evening at Good Shepherd. She read lyrics to – oh gosh, I don’t remember now – but she read them as the musicians reassembled to sing what is unquestionably his most famous song Hallelujah. As expected, she was a pro. A total pro reading lyrics like the poetry they are. I’ve never seen anything more natural than Stacy in headphones behind a mic the way God intended. I’m so proud of her. What an excellent night of music.


once a pro, always a pro

october 28, 2017

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“Embrace the inner teacher and know you have something very valuable to offer everyone.” ~ David Bennett




The rental sisters and I traveled to Loretto and Maker’s Mark distillery to see the incredible Dale Chihuly outdoor exhibit. Adding to the special event was the opportunity to view the work in the dark. 




In addition to the outdoor exhibit, Chihuly has a permanent piece leading to the gift shop. Pam is a huge, huge fan of Chihuly, so catching her in awe of his work was special. The whole evening was special. The artwork was exquisite, the company delightful. I couldn’t ask for a better day.


from the deck

august 12, 2017

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“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


meeee-owwww Paolo (snapseed)


Now that mom is at Cardinal Hill, dad is able to spend the day with her without stress for either of them. That’s just what he did. Naturally, he charmed the nurses. By the end of the day he was on a first name basis with all of them, and they, of course, adore him. Meanwhile, I got some much needed me time to do things around the house. Stacy was free, so out we went for some retail therapy (trying to fix my phone at the Apple Store was really what we did). We had a nice lunch, and even strolled through the mall. That’s when we met Paolo. Actually, he found us. He works for one of those over-priced facial shops, and he snared us as we were walking by. Stacy was ready to walk on, but he was so beautiful I stopped, gave her a wink, she smiled, and in we went for mini-facials and collagen plant-based stem cell (is there really such a thing?) eye treatments. Paolo was delightful. Half Italian, half Israeli, his accent was divine; his sense of style gorgeous; his politics refreshing; his eyes delicious. We didn’t buy the $800 facial mask, or the $300 collagen plant-based stem cell eye treatment, but we got free samples and a handsome man with which to end our afternoon. That’s a pretty good Saturday as far as I’m concerned.

july 30, 2017

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“Surround yourself with people who talk about visions and ideas, not other people.” ~ Unknown


bread friends (snapseed)


Here are a few friends that talk visions and ideas all the time; Catherine Brereton, Susan Stewart, Annie Bassoni, and Stacy Yelton. This morning we converged for brunch (deliciously prepared by the Brereton/Stewart family), a couple hands of Cards Against Humanity, and a wonderful visit on the porch. These women inspire me every day in a variety of ways, and we never fail to laugh when we’re together. We also never fail to eat well, and bread and/bread-like foods are usually involved. What amazing minds I’ve been fortunate to call friends. 

july 7, 2017

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“True freedom is the capacity for acting according to one’s true character, to be altogether one’s self, to be self-determined and not subject to outside coercion.” ~ Corliss Lamont




Stacy and I took a day off for a trip to the Horse Park. It had been several years since we were last there. We enjoyed the Parade of Breeds. I especially enjoyed the Paint (above and below).


Man O War


The big draw to the Horse Park today was the Man O War exhibit. For those unfamiliar, Man O War was first buried on Faraway Farm near the Horse Park, but he was reinterred here years later. He lies beneath his large bronze statute near the visitor center. It’s a beautiful display. The exhibit was small, but there was plenty to enjoy.


meet and greet


I adore the Horse Park, so it was disconcerting to find it in disrepair. I understand they’ve undergone significant budget cuts of late. It shows. The gardens were weedy. The fountains green with algae. Most of the interactive exhibit pieces were broken. It made me sad for all the visitors from outside the state who’ve driven untold miles expecting the pristine Bluegrass pride on full display. Despite the obvious decline I saw many smiling faces, mine among them. I’ll always be Kentucky proud, weeds and all.

may 25, 2017

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“Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.” ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin


coexist ya’ll


It’s been almost a week since we convened to hug Sandy Davis’ neck. I wish we could meet every Friday for dinner, or just laughs. Jeanne Marie’s phone says all that needs saying about my Kentucky tribe. I love them all so much, and I’m so lucky to have them as friends.


assorted flavors

may 7, 2017

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“The key to happiness is to focus on what you can control and make proactive choices for joy every day.”
~ Tiny Buddha


you make me laugh


Just in case you missed the fact that we had a lot of laughs at the annual Derby Day BBQ yesterday, here are two reminders. Three radio personalities and one Annie Bassoni guarantees you’ll laugh until you cry. I’m so lucky.


that John!

may 6, 2017

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“Happiness is simple. Everything we do to find it is complicated.” ~ Karen Maezen Miller


funniest man alive


It was Derby Day and this year’s Springridge Derby Day Garage BBQ almost didn’t happen. First, time got away from me, so by the time I sent invitations, almost everyone had other plans. Then, the weather was absolutely horrid. It rained up until about 2 pm, which wasn’t so bad, but an Alberta Clipper dipped into Kentucky overnight and made it a very cold, dreary rain. A few people bailed last minute, and who could blame them with conditions like that, making this year’s crew small. A small but mighty crew we were. We had a blast. We moved the party indoors where John Lumagui managed to make us laugh until we had tears. I don’t get to see him nearly enough, and I’m reminded of that every time he comes around. Not only is he sweet as can be, he really might be the funniest man alive.


healing power of laughter


Wally and Lilly (the black blob behind the couch) joined in the fun as John spun joke after joke. I snorted and laughed so much my throat hurt by the time everyone left. We still grilled out. The clouds broke long enough for us to soak up a few rays before moving into the house for the race. I even managed to figure out how to set the self-timer on the camera so I could catch us all together doing jazz hands. I love these people so very much, and their presence in my world today was just what the doctor ordered.


jazz hands

march 17, 2016

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“May your heart be light and happy,
may your smile be big and wide,
and may your pockets always
have a coin or two inside!”
~ Irish Proverb


Shamrock Sheryl! (snapseed)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Let us give thanks that ‘ol St. Paddy ran all the snakes out of Ireland and that, today, we have the chance to embrace our Irishness, even those who aren’t Irish. Erin Go Braugh! (or Éire go Brách as the translation tells me)

march 14, 2017

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“Are you living your life afraid of what could go wrong or excited about what could go right? It’s a tiny shift that makes a big difference!” ~ Timber Hawkeye


leprechaun (snapseed)


On the eve of the Ides of March and the eve eve eve of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it fitting to post a photo of our mostly Irish friend in a shamrock tiara. Her eyes nearly match the emblem. The tag, however, was not optional. At least it was green. Happy early St. Patrick’s Day!

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