october 24, 2018

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“Stay kind. It makes you beautiful.” ~ Najwa Zebian


all in the family


At the recent family gathering I finally had the chance to meet Mike Neal, a cousin I’d never met before, photographed here with his wife Tammy and their kids Jonah and Jovannah. I’d met Tammy and the kids last year at Charlene and Tony’s wedding. They were, and are, simply delightful. As the day wore on I kept running into Jonah, and by the end of the day, we’d had several great conversations. This young man is not only as sweet as the day is long but he’s really smart and compassionate. In our talks we learned that England is a favorite for both of us, and that led to a wonderful conversation about seminary and study at Oxford. Like AJ, I predict great things from Jonah, and like AJ, I share in his family’s pride of his awesomeness. They’ve raised a great guy. 


fast friends