march 19, 2018

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“If we could spread love as quickly as we spread hate and negativity, what an amazing world we would live in.” ~ Unknown


Hostess with the mostest


I’m on a selfie roll lately and here’s another with one of my favorite people; Taylor Barnes-Gilbert. Taylor hosted the wedding shower weekend before last, and what a top job she did, all while managing a toddler, no less. Taylor is a lawyer in Milwaukee. She always had a passion for activism and taking up for the little guy (or gal as the case may be). Her aunt Stacy used to speculate on the age at which she would run for senator. I don’t think that’s in the near future (did I mention the toddler?), but Taylor’s got the smarts for it if she ever changes her mind. She’s got a big ‘ol brain to match her big ‘ol heart and that’s why we love her. Plus, she’s hilarious. Rental niece extraordinaire!

march 17, 2018

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“Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak.” ~ TinyBuddha


song and dance


These Barnes kids. I don’t know what they were reciting, or whatever it was they were doing, but it was hilarious. They are such a tight knit family that they make being with them easy and fun. Connor is the only boy among them. He was joking about how it’s up to him to carry on the family name. I think Corinne, his fiancé, broke three or four ribbons from their wedding gifts. Unless they’re all girls, according to the ribbons anyway, there won’t be a problem with the name. Every family ought to do jazz hands at least once.


jazz hands

march 13, 2017

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“Let us not look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around us in awareness.” ~ James Thurber




It’s heartening to see the joy and hope new lives bring to a room. Just yesterday the girls (Annabell whom I call Apricot, and Lucy) were exposed – so to speak – to me and my camera. They weren’t quite as enthusiastic as the boys. In fact, they weren’t amused at all. On the other hand, Jackson AKA Cincinnati Red and Grier are becoming increasingly enthralled with the camera. This bodes well for future images I think, and it also means we’ll have a blast along the way. The girls may never warm to the camera. I’ll take my chances.



march 12, 2017

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“Don’t promise when you’re happy.
Don’t reply when you’re angry.
And don’t decide when you’re sad. ”
~ Unknown




I joined the Yelton sisters at the family cemetery in Burlington, KY to view their father’s recently placed headstone. Beautiful day as it was, bone chilling wind made short work of our visit. We drove to Pam Yelton Bick’s in Milford where we were joined by most of the remaining family. The cousin count has nearly doubled in the least two years. It was a hoot with these little ones around. The boys are both walking, running actually, so there was loads of fun to be had on the floor while the girls oooo’ed and awwwww’ed and compared hair bows. I’m awfully lucky they let me hang out and watch their babies grow up.

april 9, 2016

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“Spread positive energy wherever you go. It all begins with a positive attitude.” ~ Unknown




I saw five-month-old Grier Whitehouse at his auntie Tay and Ash’s baby shower today. If his beaming smile doesn’t fill you with happiness, there’s no happiness to be had. I’ll just leave this here to complete your day. He certainly completed mine.

january 22, 2015

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“What is to give light must endure burning.”~ Viktor Frankl


just so long
just so long


I initially missed this day’s post because of late night visitation services for Ryan Paul Bick. People waited in a winter cold line wrapped around the funeral home and down the block for nearly two hours just to pay their respects. A two hour service turned into five. It was quite moving, and it lifted the family like little else could have done given the circumstances. Near the end of the night, when only the family remained, I was sitting alone at the back of the room. There were Ryan’s first cousins – Connor, Taylor, and Ashley – and brother Brett embracing each other, telling Ryan stories, crying and laughing all at once. And, just off to the side, as she had done so many times throughout the night, stood very quietly the love of Ryan’s life, Chelsey Robinson. So sweet. So hurt. So composed. The wonderful thing about the Bick/Barnes/Yelton family (and they do operate as a single family at times) is that they adopt people along the way. They’ve adopted Chelsey, and I have no doubt that she will bring them great joy and comfort, and it will be returned in kind. That’s the kind of people they are. What a blessing to be part of.