august 15, 2019

“My hope for you: May you quit overthinking. May you stop replaying failed scenarios. May you stop feeding self-doubt. May you be able to see some good in everyone and everything.” ~ TinyBuddha  

august 11, 2019

“Life may not be the party we’d hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” ~ Unknown     Annie Bassoni and I made a trip to Ohio to see (in Annie’s case meet) BFFs Eric and Bree Chapman. This protective dude at the entrance of Eric and Bree’s abode, The Rookery, caught me eye every time we walked through the door. I think he knew we were in

november 17, 2018

“Choose happiness, not success, as your life’s goal. If you become successful but aren’t happy, then what is the point? ~ Haemin Sunim     Stacy and I drove north. Leeza Gordon drove south. We met outside Owensville, Ohio at The Rookery, home of Eric and Bree Chapman. I had one of the most important conversations I’ve ever had with the power couple of Titus Road, and as we drove