april 8, 2013

“Sometimes you have to be your own hero.” ~ Unknown I haven’t done an autostitch pic in a long time, and today’s sky was so beautiful that it had to be done twice. What’s pitiful is that the stitch didn’t quite meet at the pole, thus making the flag illegible. It is the 2012 men’s NCAA basketball champions, the University of Kentucky Wildcats. It was our eighth trophy. Tonight, the championship game

january 6, 2012

“You will never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be.” The Daily Buddha Today has been interesting indeed. It started with another great post from Lori-Lyn; “The first two, or six, or ten people you see every day are yours to love. When you gaze at them, gaze with love. Open at your heart and send waves of compassion to envelope them.” But the Daily Buddha’s quote