august 21, 2017

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“Simply knowing that God loves all people is not enough – it is the first step in allowing deeds of compassion, mercy and justice to flow from our hands.” ~ Rev. Katherine Redmond


blinded by the light


I stepped outside the office to view the eclipse and ran into lots of people I know like Catherine Brereton (above) and Deirdre Scaggs and Reinette Jones (below). The first time I saw the sun through the eclipse glasses (thanks to Stacy Yelton) it was totally amazing. I mean totally amazing. With the naked eye, and with my phone’s camera (carefully shielded by the eclipse glasses), there’s still a lot of light even at 95% totality. So, the glasses were a crucial part of the experience. It didn’t get nearly as dark as I expected, and the temp also didn’t fall as much as I thought it would. But none of that matters because watching the moon blot out the sun was seriously incredible. I feel like this was my warm up for the next eclipse due in 2024 north of here. I am so taking the day off (or I’ll be retired by then), getting an eclipse filter for the camera, and taking a road trip to the path of totality. What a glorious experience to watch the heavens work.


she sang total eclipse of the heart


ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone (snapseed)


dancin’ in the dark


dark side of the moon


april 27, 2017

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“Life is easier when you’re not complaining, worrying, or stressing about drama.” ~ Unknown 


make the world better


It’s dead week at UK. I’ve always found that term to be an oxymoron since the only thing dead about dead week are the students by the time it’s over. But in all their busy-ness they always find time for awesome stuff. Today campus was full of awesome like this enormous butterfly board in front of Young Library filled with (mostly) positive affirmations; kids writing what they’ll do to make the world a better place. I loved it.


be kind


The slogan I saw repeated most was “Be Kind to Everyone.” It so warmed my heart. In the short time I photographed the board there were a dozen kids stopped to read, and add their own affirmation. It gives me such hope to see this kind of positivity in the world, and that so many young people would assert themselves for change, well, it gives me that warm feeling down deep in my heart. 


what’s your flavor?


In front of Special Collections someone retrofitted a bicycle to run a blender. They filled the blender with fruit, someone would hop on the bike and ride a while, et voila – instant smoothie – which was then distributed among the passers by. Hilarious! These are the things that make the traffic and parking headaches at UK slightly more bearable. There’s a lot of fun to be had at the end of the spring semester, and there’s no shortage of antics and activism for me and my camera. It all makes me happy. “Tell us what you’ll do to change the world.” #inspiring


be the change

december 17, 2016

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“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.
Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they are never weakness.”
~ Brené Brown


I chose this one!


Of yesterday’s undecided photos I finally picked this one. Marcie Christensen asked me to share why I chose this image over the other two. First, let me say that I only combine B&W and color images when I like the composition (or some element in the image) but hate the color. I don’t like many color photos anyway, but that’s another story for another time. To tell the truth, I loathed the image in color. Absolutely hated it…except for the library. I thought it was warm and inviting, but against the super dull sky and worse-than-bland landscape, it was buried. I thought I might like it in B&W. That turned it into an image that more closely resembled the cold of the Kentucky winter day, and that’s what I was looking for. I liked the B&W image save for one thing: the warmth of library had turned cold, too. I was curious if the warmth of the library in color would stand out against – but not overwhelm – a B&W landscape without being too tacky. This is an important point because it’s way too easy to make a tacky combo image. The “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” rule applies here. Combination photos rarely work, in my opinion, mine least of all. Still, I combined the two and now I had the warmth of the library in a winter setting. When I looked at the scene in real time it looked more like this anyway (I know that sounds weird, but there you have it). One thing I missed in the combo image, however, were all the other lights. They were sparkly and warm in color. They got lost in B&W. I’m not entirely sold on their addition in the combo image, in part because I wasn’t very careful about adding them, but they’re sort of sparkly again and that helps. To use a cliché, this is how I polished a turd. I wouldn’t say this image was wildly successful in its transformation, but it’s a whole lot better than where it started. I enjoy experimenting, and I always learn something from it. That part is always a success.

december 16, 2016

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“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed.
More love, less hate.” ~ Roy T. Bennett


this one?


this one?


or this one?


On those days when you just can’t decide, you can decide not to decide. Today, I choose not to decide, and do you know why? Because I don’t have to! It’s been an excellent day. I see no reason to stress about anything. I’m just going to enjoy the variety of the images, and maybe tomorrow I’ll have a favorite. 

august 27, 2015

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“Life is art. It just depends on what kind of painting you want to do.” ~ Erin Chandler



This past Sunday night the Libraries hosted Loud@The Library to welcome students back to campus. Like yesterday’s Open House, the committee that put this together really outdid themselves. When this thing started years ago it was a relatively small affair with a couple of pizzas in the basement of Young Library. Now it’s three floors of food, fun, and prizes. One of my favorite things, and very popular with the kids, is palmistry by one of my all-time favorite people: Jo Staggs-Neal. I smile every time I see her. I always have. There’s something so kind and warm about her. This year she dyed her hair pink for the event. Even in pink she’s a warm hearted soul. You don’t see many guys stepping up for a reading, but this young man was totally into it. I had a ton of fun photographing this year’s student body. The very last shot of the night was with another of my other all-time favorite people, Ruth Bryan. I liked Ruth the minute we met, and our friendship has grown exponentially. I value her friendship, and she’s just down right funny sometimes. I love funny. I love people who dye their hair pink and I love people who make me laugh. Therefore, I am the luckiest of them all, and forever grateful.


in black and white
in black and white

july 8, 2014

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“If you don’t know it’s impossible it’s easier to do.” ~ Neil Gaiman


only one way?
only one way?


There’s more than one way for a lot of things: there are a billion ways to have fun, do your job, celebrate holidays. If you feel like you’re in a rut, do something different. Take a different route to work. Buy groceries at a different store. Date a different type of man or woman. Have tea instead of coffee. Take your cat for a walk on a leash. Some of them will go, believe it or not (I guarantee you’ll be entertained). Try a food you’ve never had before. Whatever you do, don’t just sit around and watch your life go by. There’s more than one way to live it.