february 5, 2019

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“Buy some art to stare at in case your phone dies.” ~ Unknown


St. Marks inside


Back in December I visited my friend Rick Warfield in Washington, DC before I went to a conference. He took me to his church, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, on A Street just behind the Library of Congress (the large block building below) on Capitol Hill. In all the years I travelled to the Library of Congress I never knew St. Mark’s was just behind it; just right there. Countless times I walked within a block of the church. The irony here is that St. Mark’s was where my near-brother Ricky Hayes worshipped and led their theater troupe. It’s also where his ashes are now interred; in the St. Mark’s columbarium. It was deeply moving to be there, to see where Ricky thrived; where he could be his hilarious, loving self and spread his goodness to everyone around him; where he’d built a life for himself outside our home town. I’m so grateful to St. Mark’s for giving him a resting place, and I’m especially grateful to Rick Warfield for making time to show me how beautiful St. Mark’s is. I look forward to going back.


St. Marks outside

march 13, 2014

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Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed,
quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person that you are.

~ Mandy Hale

driving in circles
driving in circles

Combing through photos last night as I searched for Birdie, I looked through all of the DC shots, of course, because that’s where the NDNP awardee meeting is held. On my last night in DC I took a long walk alone from the restaurant on Capital Hill to my hotel across from Union Station. The lights along the way were so bright that I could shoot without need of a tripod. That’s some serious artificial light, and funky reflections in the lens. Enjoy!