march 11, 2018

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“This is not your practice life.” ~ Unknown


Woman of the Year


Remember I said Connor and Corinne’s shower wasn’t ordinary? It was coordinated by Martha Barnes, that’s why. I’ve been to two or three (I’ve lost count) showers Martha has spearheaded, and let me tell you, the invitation might say “shower,” but really, they’re super awesome parties with incredible food, fun games, and Martha. She manages to think of everything down to the smallest detail. The food is always spectacular; the games hilarious. She’s attentive to every guest’s need with a smile and warm heart. **Clarification: I got a note from Martha thanking me for this post, but she said she only coordinated the games. The shower was hosted by Connor’s sister, Taylor Barnes-Gilbert. In highlighting Martha I certainly did not mean to diminish Taylor’s role because she’s equally as awesome (and slated for a future post). Hostess or not, I maintain everything I said about Martha because 1. it’s all true and 2. whom better to learn cool shower etiquette from than Martha? And now, I return you to the original post.** If you don’t believe me that Martha is all that, maybe you’ll believe Notre Dame Academy who, just last week, awarded Martha and her twin sister, Amy, the 2018 Women Making a Difference Award for their service to family and community. Martha is tirelessly active in her world, and we are the recipients of her efforts. I’m honored to know Martha, and I’m so proud of her.


four women making a difference

march 10, 2018

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“Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.” ~ Unknown


in a nutshell


The groom is not supposed to be at the wedding shower, but Connor Barnes is no ordinary groom, and this was no ordinary shower. The Barnes’ family don’t know the meaning of ordinary anything. It was a mostly all gal gig until the end when Connor arrived with his dad, Craig Barnes, flowers for his bride, and a smile that could light up Cincinnati. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a guy walk into a situation like this with so much enthusiasm. He was genuinely happy to be there and everyone was genuinely happy to see him. I snapped the pic above and showed it to Connor’s bride-to-be, Corinne. She said it was them in a nutshell. There’s no mistaking how happy Connor and Corinne are together, and there’s no way you could be in their presence today and not come away with a full heart. I did, and I’m pretty sure everybody else did, too. The wedding’s in May (same day as Prince Harry and Megan Markle). If it’s as awesome and fun as the shower, and all signs point to yes, we’re in for a good time and the new Mr. and Mrs. Barnes are in for a lifetime of happiness. What’s not to love?


also in a nutshell