june 3, 2016

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“Do not become a stranger to yourself by blending in with everyone else.” ~ Unknown


note Y'all
not Y’all?


The picture below was taken last week by Angie Bliss Fanning after we had dinner with Barb Plested and Pam Thurman. Angie posted the photo on facebook, and someone unknown to me commented on my “Yale” t-shirt…adding that he personally preferred Duke. (He clearly didn’t realize I was from Kentucky) Anyway, earlier at dinner Barb also thought it said “Yale,” so when she read his comment, she didn’t feel quite so blind. It actually says “Y’all.” Stacy Yelton gave me the t-shirt for Christmas. They’re very popular in Kentucky at the moment made by the Lexington company Kentucky for Kentucky. There was a package in my mail this afternoon. I hadn’t ordered anything, but it had my name and address, so I opened it. There it was: a Yale t-shirt. I laughed out loud for a good while before I called Barb to thank her and her accomplice, Pam. I also thanked her for not sending me a Duke shirt. Barb’s a keeper, Y’all!


photo by Angie Bliss Fanning, Y'all
photo by Angie Bliss Fanning, Y’all