january 4, 2012

“Whatever it is you want…Live it [life] as if it has already happened…and then it does.” ~Deb Chenault Today brought several bits of inspiration, like the brilliant opening quote from my pal, Deb. Then, there was the inkdye for photo printing that can be used on textiles from Lumi, and a reminder that Walker Evans is one of my favorite photographers. Lest we forget the Impossible Project, in particular their Polaroid Classic

january 3, 2012

Warm afternoon sunshine provides some of the most delicious light of the day.

january 2, 2012

Today I got turned on to a few new things. The first was an exquisite body of work titled A Lonesome Sound by photographer Lisa Elmeleh. These tintype photographs are exactly the kind of traditional photographic processing that I both love and am excited to see reemerge in the digital world. Soon after this visual discovery, I was turned on to Lexington’s Warren Byrom and The Caneland’s latest: The Fabled Canelands.

january 1, 2012

2012: the year of peace, love, happiness, compassion, and creativity Happy New Year! May the year bring each of us peace for ourselves and our world, love, happiness, compassion, and all the creativity God and the universe will allow. Here’s my first offering for my journey back home. Blessings and Namaste, my friends.

the year art came home

I’ve played music for as long as I can remember. I always dabbled in art, too. In high school I was bitten by the photography bug. When I decided to stop touring as a musician and return to college to study art, I hadn’t expected to fall back into photography. But that’s just what I did (evidenced by the self portrait above, circa 1993). Now, nearly 15 years after that