april 19, 2019

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“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” ~ Joyce Brothers


looking past


This has been a particularly challenging week in a number of ways and not just for me. Just about everyone I know has run into difficulties somewhere, and almost all of us have felt either really bad or really blah. Mercury’s not in retrograde (or gatorade as Erica Chambers hilariously called it), but you’d think otherwise given the weirdness. Must be that the week started with Tax Day. That’s it! My work week ended with two of my favorite, smartest people: Reinette Jones and Miles Hoskins, and they made up for all the ick of the week. I finally brought back the historic newspapers we’d scanned for Miles. When I say finally I mean years, sadly. We tried to figure out the last time we’d seen Miles and the Montgomery County Historical Society. At one point I think Miles said it was four years, but Reinette and I said no way. Sure enough, it had. Thanks to the outhouse I was able to ascertain that it was March 2015. It’s a good thing he’s a patient man, that Miles Hoskins! He’s had his own brand of purgatory this year with some health scares, so we were extra grateful that he was able to greet us with that familiar Miles Smile and warm hug. The Historical Society has changed a lot, too, adding a large number of new exhibits, ephemera, and artifacts like this awesome circa 1885 Smith and Pattison large format camera. It had been used in a local photography shop until 1911 when it was sold to a local collector. It exchanged hands a few more times before it was donated to the Historical Society. It’s still fully functional with all the aperture plates, two lenses, shutter, intact baffles, and plate holders. I caught Miles standing in front of the camera (note he’s upside down). I’m calling it our picture together. If you ever have the chance to drop in and see him, do. 


Magic by Smith and Pattison, Chicago 1885

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