april 30, 2012

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Life is about using the whole box of crayons.” ~ Unknown

Godspeed, Jeff (instagram)

Jeff “Little Alvie” Evans was one of the best artists I ever knew. He could have done anything, gone anywhere with his talent. He came home to West Liberty instead. We dated my junior year. His sky blue eyes and soft lips were like manna from heaven to a teenage girl. What really got me was his love for rock and roll (we are talking about me, after all). He turned me on to John Cougar – there was no Mellencamp back then. We listened to “Nothin’ Matters and What if it Did” over and over and over; drivin’ the backroads with the windows down, singing every word loud as we could.

I honor Jeff tonight as he passes through the celestial spheres, no doubt singing to the top of his spirit lungs “The record company’s goin’ out of business, the price of records’ too damn high.” I’m singing, too, with a smile on my face; “Old enough to know that these memories can’t hurt a thing.”

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