august 28, 2013

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Patience: It’s a virtue when you really want to bitch,
and a necessity when you really want to whine.” ~ David DeWitt


It was the first day of the fall semester. In celebration, Special Collections had an open house complete with free ice cream and a photo exhibit on dogs. Here, Stacy Yelton, impersonating model Carol Merrill, directs our attention to my favorite photo in the set. Meanwhile, we thought Associate Dean Deirdre Scaggs had really outdone herself by hiring musicians for the party. Ice cream¬†and music? Alas, the duo pictured here with Marie Dale,¬†were simply the first to take us up on the freebies before continuing their campus roam. The open house was a wonderful way to welcome this year’s class. Plus, I love working with people that give free ice cream to musicians.

frozen troubadours

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