august 3, 2019

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“Worrying will never change the outcome.” ~ Unknown


Waving from Waveland


Gary Thurman doesn’t like to post pix when he’s traveling about. I get that and respect his wishes. Thieves don’t need any help. But these photos are from last September when the gang was in town for ScareFest (sans Barb who had a previous engagement), so I’m pretty sure it’s okay to talk about Gary’s visit to The Bluegrass. We had a day to run around before Deb, Virgil, and Pat (below) got to town so I took Pam and Gary to Waveland. I had such a great time with all of them. My favorite moment of the weekend was the night we all went on a ghost walk. (I did actually post a picture of Gary from the Ghost walk though I didn’t say it was him.) Everybody flipped out over a piece of peppermint candy that seemingly fell out of thin air into the group of ghost hunters. What really happened, we later learned, was that Gary stepped on the edge of the candy so that it flew from beneath his foot and into the crowd…as if from out of nowhere. Everybody was so excited thinking a ghost was sending a message that he didn’t have the heart to tell them what really happened. Hilarious! He won best dude ever award that weekend.


best bunch

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